Frights & Delights

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Frights & Delights

Rave On – Dumped by her girlfriend, Rae decides to go out and party. Picking up a dose of X on her way home to a now empty apartment, she showers and dresses for the club down the street. Once there she meets another who is flying the same way she is and things get interesting.
Echoes of Yesterday – When an old mining shaft gives way, a sink hole opens up in the back yard. Lil Jackie is fascinated by it, he likes to “patrol” to make sure the chickens and such do not go down into it. Yelling down the hole he is certain that someone is answering him. Could it be the ghosts of those who died in the mind some 80 years earlier?
I did not care much for Rave On. I feel it needs more of a way to connect with who the story is written about. I was not even sure if the name I found in the story is the name of the main character.

On the other hand I loved Echoes of Yesterday. I sat glued to the screen wondering just what was going to happen next. So all in all it is a good read, the depth of Echoes of Yesterday makes up for the lack of character strength in Rave On.

Book Blurb for Frights & Delights

Two stories both meant to frighten, each with radically different endings.  In Rave On, the hunter becomes the prey leading to a bloody conclusion.  Echoes of Yesterday remind us of the cost of disobedience and of the happiness an open-minded child can bring to the world.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.25