When the World is Right

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When the World is Right

Brian and Casey Hawthorne have been married for only six short months. During one of their fun days together they spent the day browsing through the mall. After hours of doing this, they decided to head back home. On the way out of the mall Casey sees a pet shop and she wants to go in. Right there in the front window Casey spots a pretty calico and falls in love with it instantly. Explaining to Brian that she thinks they could give it a real home and a future, she tells him that she wants to buy it. Brian wasn't as convinced as Casey that now was the right time to bring a pet into their home. He felt that he wasn't able to make a commitment to a pet just yet. This broke Casey's heart something fierce.

Driving home Brian knew she was upset with him and tried rectifying the situation, but nothing seemed to work. When he asked her what was wrong she just replied, "Nothing," and would turn away from him. Pleading with his wife not to shut him out he started to get frustrated that she wasn't telling him what was bothering her. Her silence even frightened him. As this charade continued, the more frightened he became, the louder he got with her. Then he said the worst thing he could have ever said to her.

What did Brian blurt out to Casey? How did she respond to his verbal attack? What was the outcome of their argument? Did Brian try to patch things up with her and if so, how did he go about doing it? Did she accept his apology if he tried to make amends?

I really enjoyed this short read by Ms. Hoornstra. The characters were both very real and extremely believable. I felt equally bad for both Brian and Casey because Brian didn't think before he spoke and didn't realize just how Casey would have interpreted his words and Casey, on the other hand, was hurt that he didn't want to commit to taking care of a pet with her. She wanted them to nurture something together and he didn't see it that way at first. I would definitely look into reading more work from this author.

Book Blurb for When the World is Right

Brian Hawthorne never meant to hurt his wife Casey, but he had. He never meant for them to fight. But they did. Hadn't meant to spend the night alone at a hotel. But he did that too. Now all Brian wants to do is make amends. Assure Casey of his love. But, will she accept the gift he's brought her and forgive him? And make their world right once again.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00