Valentine's Day Do-Over

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Valentine's Day Do-Over

Rome Hartt was not only having the worst day of his life, but to add insult to injury it was Valentine's Day and he didn't have anyone special in his life. He was too busy trying to keep the tow truck shop afloat for the past three years that he took over once his father passed away. This took up all of his free time and he still couldn't make ends meet. If this wasn't enough aggravation, he still had to get dressed up and attend his mother's charity masquerade party that she threw annually at The Rosemont Hotel. Raquel Hartt organized and chaired the HarttBeats Foundation to help raise awareness and money for heart disease right after she lost her husband to the terrible disease.

As the evening progressed and things just kept going awry for poor Rome, it seemed someone else was having just as rough a day as he was. Ivy Valentine, a perfume designer, flew in for a perfume convention and to attend the masquerade charity event since her mother, Candace Valentine, headed up the HarttBeat's East Coast Chapter. From the time she woke up that morning nothing went right for her either and she was dreading Valentine's Day because she too wasn't attached to anyone. She was diligently trying to get her perfume company off the ground and she had no time for distractions.

Things went so bad for Rome and Ivy that they both got what they had hoped for- Valentine's Day Do-Overs.not once, not twice, but five times.

What was causing both Rome and Ivy to keep getting do-over days and not breaking the bad hex that was on the both of them? What kind of antics occurred during their do-over days? Did they ever make it to February fifteenth and if so, how did they finally get there?

I just loved this fun, romantic comedy. I chuckled throughout the entire story and I felt so bad for what both Rome and Ivy were going through. I felt like I was another character in the story and that I was there seeing everything first hand. This was an enjoyable page-tuner for me and I can't wait to read Valentine's Day Do-Over Part II: The Siblings. I would definitely recommend Donna Michael's stories to others. I know you will enjoy this one as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Valentine's Day Do-Over

Eros, God of Love, has looked into the hearts of Ivy Valentine and Rome Hartt and knows they are soul mates. What he didn't know, was how hard it would be to bring them together and vows to make the day repeat until they get it right. Rome-owner of his late father's floundering business-isn't sure how to stop the repeating day, but he's determined to have the winning lottery ticket in hand when it does. Ivy the scientist's life revolves around rules and facts. How can a day repeat? Unable to figure it out, she looks for a way to stop it. Could the handsome man she keeps bumping into be the key?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50