Twice as Strong

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Twice as Strong

Length: Heatsheet (6K words)

I must say for a short story this one packed a surprising punch because it was filled with so much raw emotion throughout the pages. The storyline chosen by Ms. Surbeck was a breath of fresh air to me. It was unique in every way and my heart just bled for Frankie and her husband Tanner. It was apparent they loved each other, but the car accident just tore them apart. I wanted them to discover each other again, but I knew Frankie needed to get past her new hearing disability enough to not only forgive herself, but also the man she deeply loved not so long ago. But would she continue to allow the accident to tear her relationship apart from her husband when he so dearly missed having the loving wife he did before that fateful night happened?
I found this story to be a powerhouse of mixed emotions and enduring love. I would definitely recommend it to other readers. I would love to read more from this talented author in the near future.   She is a new author that I happened to stumble upon and I am extremely happy that I did! You will find that it is a short story, but one that contains a very strong message of hope, faith and enduring love. It’s a must have for any library!

Book Blurb for Twice as Strong

The heart hears love...the ears cannot.

Frankie lost everything that fateful day. Her hearing, her trust in her husband, her ability to feel. With the world of music she loved torn from her, her world shattered, she can't help but blame the man she loves for the wrenching pain he's caused her.

Tanner blames himself for the accident that tore Frankie's life apart. He still loves his wife and desires her more than ever. But before he can win her heart back, he'll have to forgive himself -- and find a way to reach past Frankie's silent barriers.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00