Third Time's A Charm-Wild West Adventures

Sabra didn’t have the easiest of lives growing up. Living in impoverishment only made Sabra dream of marrying a rich man that would shower her with everything her heart desired. So when she marries her husband, Desmond, her dreams finally come true. At twenty-years-old, Sabra is hobnobbing with Boston’s elite society. The big problem for her is she doesn’t want to be like all the other ladies sipping tea and belonging to an elite society of women just to please their husbands. She’s different in that she loves to listen to ragtime music and go horseback riding daily. These two past times are frown upon by everyone, but since her husband keeps himself busy all the time he turns his head to Sabra’s wild diversions.

But one day after returning home early while horseback riding, Sabra hears a scream as she enters her lavish Victorian home. It was no ordinary scream either. Feeling in her gut that something is amiss, she runs upstairs to the bedrooms to see if her husband or one of the staff members might be hurt. When she hears a second cry, she immediately knows that no one is hurt at all. Instead, her instincts kick in more and she approaches her bedroom door. Swinging it open, Sabra is witness to her husband having sex with the housemaid. Tempers fly, heated words are exchanged and then an unthinkable accident occurs. Sabra knows she mustn’t stay around. She grabs a few of her belongings and some cash she knows Desmond has in a vault in his office and she takes off on a maddening adventure to start her life over again.
Taking the first train out of Boston, she meets a teenage boy named Rusty who’s on his way to Denver, Colorado to meet up with his older brother who is taking him in to live with him and his wife in Gumption, Colorado. Sabra and Rusty hit it off so well during the long train ride that when his brother and friend Tucker pick him up Rusty tells them that she has no home to go to now. Being the gentlemen that they are, they allow her to travel with them in their wagon during the trip to Gumption. She feels this is as good a place as any to start a new life for herself.
When they finally arrive there days later, Sabra realizes that during their wagon trip, she’s become smitten with Tucker. She’s fearful though that he and her other travel companions will find out her deep, dark secret and that her life will be changed forever because of it.
Is it safe for Sabra to start over in Gumption? Is Desmond really dead? Can Sabra move onto a new life with Tucker without him finding out the truth?
This was a wonderfully entertaining story penned by Ms. Coverstone. I fell in love with Sabra’s character immediately because I liked that she was different than the other society ladies and wouldn’t discontinue doing her favorite things even though they were frowned upon. I absolutely despised Desmond and everything he stood for. Sabra deserved so much better than someone like him. When Tucker was introduced into the story I took an immediate liking to him and I hoped something would happen between him and Sabra. Ms. Coverstone knows how to hook her readers in and take them on an enjoyable ride as they turn the pages. This historical western is one that you shouldn’t pass up. I highly recommend it! 

Book Blurb for Third Time's A Charm-Wild West Adventures

Married into Boston’s elite society, Sabra Bennett prefers horseback riding and ragtime music to sipping tea with the ladies.  When a surprise discovery turns tragic, she flees to wild, untamed Colorado Territory, harboring a secret, determined to start anew.

Irishman, Noah Tucker, has spent years sailing the high seas and sampling a woman in every port.  Now he’s settled in Gumption, Colorado, intent on raising sheep.  The moment he meets the redheaded widow, he entertains thoughts of making her his mistress.  But, her close-mouthed ways hint she’s not who she claims to be.

While Sabra becomes the object of affection for more than one man, she vows to keep her secret safe at all costs.  But, when Noah takes her in his arms, she’s willing to gamble there’s more to him than his whiskey-swilling, skirt-chasing antics.  He just might be the one man she can trust with everything…including her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00