The Apple of His Eye

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The Apple of His Eye

Brad Greene was talking to his best friend, Shane Gallagher, in the Hilton Hotel's Executive Lounge about his upcoming nuptials the following day to Eden Rossi. Though a wedding is usually looked upon as a joyful event of uniting families and two people in love, this arrangement was by every means more a business merger than uniting of hearts. Shane, on the other hand, was the romantic type and wanted to be head over heels in love with the woman he was going to marry. He just couldn't see how two people were just doing another business transaction because they were both tired of the incompatible dates they were both on with other people and how the new "family image" campaign their sister company was pushing on all the employees was shadowing their decisions. The more Shane asked Brad about the agreement he and Eden settled on the more his stomach turned at just how callous they were being about it.

When Shane finally met Eden he couldn't believe that standing in front of him was an exact female version of the meticulously kept and prim and proper Brad. Maybe they did belong together after all. In the middle of their stiff introductions, Brad's cell phone went off. He had to leave for an emergency meeting and asked Shane if he could show Eden around New York City. Eden wanted nothing to do with it, but Shane insisted that he would love to take her around. Reluctantly, she agreed and headed to her room to change out of her business clothes. She got changed and then she headed downstairs to the lobby to meet up with Shane. When she approached him, he almost didn't recognize her. She looked completely different in her casual clothes and hair down. He was seeing another side to her that was making him view her in a different light, but he had to keep reminding himself that she was getting married tomorrow to his best friend, Brad. The last thing he should be doing is finding her attractive right now.

Did anything happen between Shane and Eden while Brad was at his meeting? Did Eden enjoy spending time with Shane or was she counting the minutes until she could ditch him? Did Brad and Eden go through with their arranged marriage the following day? If so, how did Shane feel about it?

Stacy Dawn penned a really sweet story regarding affairs of the heart. She showed how sometimes all it takes is one person to open your eyes and make you see things differently. Sometimes the soul searching you have done produces results that you weren't prepared for. This was a very endearing story and I like how each of the characters were portrayed. Stacy Dawn had me hooked right to the very end with how the whole situation was going to play itself out. I would definitely recommend her stories to others and I look forward to reading her future stories. Great job, Stacy!

Book Blurb for The Apple of His Eye

The Golden Rule of Friendship: Do not covet thy best friend’s fiancée.

An easy rule for Shane Gallagher to obey when he meets Eden, as staid and business-minded as his good friend, Brad, whom she is about to marry. But when she unexpectedly blossoms before his eyes, temptation takes seed.

Eden is happy with her calculated marriage plans until she is forced to spend a day with her fiancé’s best friend—minus her fiancé—and experiences an evening far different from her usual calm and analytical existence.

Can Shane stay away from the forbidden fruit? Or will the sweetness and allure prove too much to bear?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50