The Actor's Guild - McCann's Manor: Portal

Length: Full Length Novel (154158 word count)

This story written by Charlotte Holley was absolutely fantastic. From the very first paragraph I was hooked. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to continue on Liz and Kim’s paranormal journey through McCann’s estate.
Ms. Holley told quite an impressive story within these pages. The storyline was intriguing from the very beginning and I loved the twists and turns the author created for her readers. I loved this book because it had the perfect elements of mystery, romance and paranormal activity all rolled into one. I loved how the characters were portrayed and their interaction with one another was extremely believable. I was transported into the McCann’s estate seeing the story through my eyes as if I was another character who was trying to make sense out of all the paranormal occurrences. I honestly loved this story and thoroughly enjoyed the ride Ms. Holley took me on. 
Without a doubt, not only will I read more stories by her, but also I will highly recommend this story to all readers. This story is a perfect Halloween read, but rest assured, you will love it anytime of year!

Book Blurb for The Actor's Guild - McCann's Manor: Portal

Elizabeth Carr and her friend Kimberly Henson are psychically gifted and have worked together for years to help unfortunate souls find peace and go into the Light, a calling which has brought them much joy and adventure - and trouble and heartache.

When John Carter, internationally acclaimed screen actor, meets Liz and Kim at a party and tells them of McCann's Manor, they accept the invitation to live at the Manor for a year try to help its restless spirits.

They soon find themselves in the midst of a puzzle that could prove too much for even their honed paranormal skills. Nothing is what it seems. The doors Liz and Kim open may not be so easily closed, should they change their minds about the endeavor they have take upon themselves, and a secret more sinister than they can imagine is waiting for them inside the passages of McCann's two hundred-year-old Manor . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 5.00