Taps To The Soul

Specialist Elena Star Mellor is doing her tour of duty in Iraq. She has just been informed that for the third time they have switched her unit since coming to Iraq. It just didn’t seem fair to her that they keep changing her orders, but she has to abide by the rules no matter how frustrated and irritated she might be about it. If matters weren’t bad enough, first they tell her that she’s moving out in the morning then that quickly changes and she is told she has twenty minutes to get her stuff together.
She climbs in the Humvee and she and PFC Boyd try to catch up with their convoy. While traveling to the front, Star’s stomach turns as she thinks about all that could possibly happen to them as they are passing through the towns and because it is getting dark outside, it only adds to the heightened stress she is feeling right about now. As they continue on, the private stops the Humvee and he realizes something is wrong. He tells Star that there is a civilian van blocking their path. With that, sounds of gunfire pierce through the air and the vehicle to the rear of them explodes from the rocket launcher aimed at their unit. Without having much time to react, her door flies open and a man wearing a black mask yanks her out of the Humvee. Her partner shoots an M-16 at the Iraqi trying desperately to save Star’s life, but as he readies himself to fire again a grenade crashes through the windshield and the vehicle explodes. Now the Iraqi uses his weapon and strikes her in the head. She feels a searing pain then passes out.
The next time she opens her eyes Star finds herself in a damp, dark room and she is scared and in a tremendous amount of pain. She tries to get her bearings, but it’s useless. While assessing the situation she hears that someone else is in the room with her. After talking to them she finds out his name is Wesley. It’s from this moment on that Wesley and Star bond and they do whatever it takes to protect each other from the terrorists that kidnapped them. But do they both survive this horrific ordeal or do they both become casualties of war?
Ms. Mendoza is such a talented writer and every book I read of hers is just a magnificent story. She develops intriguing storylines and creates interesting and well rounded characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with. This story definitely made my heart pound in my chest and I couldn’t help but feel fear stricken when Star was taken captive. I was desperately hoping that both Star and Wesley would make it out alive. I found myself fearing for both of their lives. Ms. Mendoza brings to the forefront the real life scenarios that our soldiers face as they are defending our country. She did a wonderful job telling this story and I would highly recommend it to other readers.

Book Blurb for Taps To The Soul

While in Iraq, Specialist Elena “Star” Mellor’s caravan is attacked and terrorists capture her. Frightened, she finds comfort in the dark cell from another prisoner named Wesley. Eventually she is rescued, but he is presumed dead. She returns to the US saddened by her loss and unwilling to let her guard down.

Sergeant Wesley Denton can’t stand new girl, Specialist Mellor. He finds her vain and disruptive. He has one mission—to find the woman he lost in Iraq. The last thing he needs is Elena distracting him from his search.

If they don’t destroy each other, could Elena and Wesley find what they’ve wanted all along?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00