Spirit on the Wind

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Spirit on the Wind

Christine Rogers was desperately missing and mourning over the loss of her husband who was killed over in Iraq during the war. For some time after his death, Christine would dream very often of her husband. He would come to her and begin to make love to her each and every time in her dreams. Unfortunately though, they never had the opportunity to finish because he would start fading away. There seemed to be something preventing him from staying with her longer to finish their love making session. She was heartbroken every time she woke up because her dreams were so real that she longed to be with her deceased husband more and more. She was being told by her best friend, Betty Lou, that it wasn't healthy to be living in the past and she felt that Johnny loved Christine so much that he would want her to move on with her life. Christine didn't have any desire to be with anyone else though.

As time went on, Christine decided not to continue telling Betty Lou that the dreams were getting more and more intensive. She figured she would continue being with her husband anyway possible no matter how crazy it might seem to others. You see, Christine and Johnny shared an incredible love together. They considered themselves soul mates, lovers for eternity. When he had received his deployment orders, he promised her he'd come back to her in anyway that he could. Little did she know he really meant what he said.

She was troubled though why each and every time they made love they never finished. He was being pulled away for some reason. She wished she knew why it was happening and how she could help him stay around longer so they could completely have each other. She came across this ancient-looking oriental woman one day on her lunch break with Betty Lou. This lady seemed crazy and was spewing crazy comments to Christine. Finally, the lady told Christine that her name was Mother Lamb and she had been in contact with Johnny. Christine thought this woman was being malicious by playing such a cruel joke on her. She was hurting enough by the loss of her husband and now she had to deal with this crazy woman named Mother Lamb that was supposedly in touch with her deceased Johnny. The oriental woman gave her a stone and told her to put it under her pillow before going to sleep. This would aid in keeping Johnny around longer so they could finish making love to each other. Reluctantly, Christine took the stone and that night did exactly what Mother Lamb advised her to do.

Did Johnny show up in Christine's dreams that night? If so, did the stone really make Johnny stay longer so they could finish making love together? Who was this crazy woman named Mother Lamb? Why was she involved in the first place?

This story was a very enjoyable read for me. The storyline was extremely unique and the characters were well developed. I liked Ms. Rae's approach to the magic that was introduced in the story and how she played with it through its entirety. I was surprised with the introduction of the dark evil in the latter part of the story, but once I finished I felt that it fit perfectly into the storyline. She is a very creative writer and I would definitely read more of her work in the future.

Book Blurb for Spirit on the Wind

Every night, Christine has sex with her deceased husband, who lost his life in Iraq, but their lovemaking is never brought to a climax. At least, not until a strange woman brings her a magical stone that will make Johnny really come alive in her arms. Yet when a dark spirit invades her bed and her body, Christine must choose between nights of passion and a life of love. Will she succumb to the dark spirit? Or will Johnny save her body and her soul?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00