Reveille Of The Heart

Camille Harrison has joined the Army against all of her family and boyfriend’s wishes so she could secure her educational future since she knew she wouldn’t be able to afford college otherwise. Her family instilled numerous values in her and Cami knew that one day college would pay off for her. Once she told her family and boyfriend the news though, things didn’t all go as well as planned. Her mother was in denial, her boyfriend was upset with her for not discussing it with him and it seemed like the father was the only one honored with what Cami was trying to do for herself and her future.

During her stay in boot camp, it took some getting used to for her. She was deeply missing her parents and boyfriend. Sadly enough though, everyone was so busy with their own lives that they didn’t write her that often, especially her boyfriend, Trevor. She understood that he was now working in the father’s business, but she still wanted to hear from him and have him reassure her that he was still deeply in love with her and not moving on with his life because she joined the Army.

After boot camp, she was assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona for Chaplain Assistant’s Training. That’s where she met Nathan Porter. They immediately hit it off together and became close friends and buddies. This went on awhile until one day Nathan became aware that he had feeling for Cami. He thought about what he was to do since he was fully aware of her boyfriend, Trevor, but it seemed like Trevor wasn’t really going out of his way for Cami. Nathan could be so much more to her than Trevor ever was, but did she see him in the same light?

Did Cami stay with Trevor? Did she decide to move on because she realized things were possibly over with him? Did Trevor step up and start acting like the guy who loved her before she left for boot camp? Did Nathan ever tell her how he felt for her? How did she take the news?

I really was pulling for Cami in the story. She was struggling to do the right thing all the time and it seemed like no one was backing her up when she needed it the most. I feel in love with Nathan and how his character was portrayed. I look forward to reading more work from Ms. Mendoza.

Book Blurb for Reveille Of The Heart

Sometimes it takes a wakeup call from our dreams to discover what we really want. Camille Harrison joins the Army despite her boyfriend Trevor's objections, and her mother's refusal. After months of inoculations, crawling through mud, and surviving the gas chamber, Cami is assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. There she meets fellow soldier, Nathan Porter, who becomes her best friend and confidant. All seems fine until Trevor proposes?an act that will change her relationship with Nathan forever. She is forced to decide between the man she always knew she would marry and her soul mate.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50