Next Door Santa

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Next Door Santa

Holly Winters wants nothing to do with Christmas. But her new neighbor, Lake Carrington, seems to be making up for the both of them with his reincarnation of the North Pole on his property. Holly just wants to get into her house after a long day of work and if at all possible, just forget that Christmas is three days away. But Lake wants to be neighborly and get to know Holly.
Heading over to introduce himself to her, Holly politely chats with him for a little bit. Finding out more about him makes her realize that this gorgeous guy is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
What does Holly find out about Lake that makes her realize exactly why he decorated the way he did? What did Lake find out about Holly? Could there be a reason why these two were meant to cross paths with each other?
Ms. Tumlin knows how to pen such a heart-wrenching story and turn it into a heartwarming one in the end. I loved the storyline and how the author addressed why Lake and Holly were both feeling the way they were about Christmas this year. I feel people are meant to cross your path at certain times to help you out and that’s exactly what these two characters did for each other. The author did a fantastic job with this story and I eagerly look forward to reading more from her. Ms. Tumlin knows the true meaning of Christmas and she superbly displayed it within the pages of her story.  

Book Blurb for Next Door Santa

Holly Winters doesn't do Christmas. Not anymore anyway. Unfortunately, her new neighbor, Lake Carrington, does-with enough Christmas cheer to rival Santa himself. But, Holly soon discovers that behind the twinkling lights, the heartwarming displays, and the sexy man himself lies a pain so deep that it might-just might-melt her own hardened heart. Will Lake turn Mrs. Scrooge into Mrs. Clause afterall?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00