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Negative Image

Lisa Clarke, a photographer assigned to cover the inaugural ball for Senator Richard Milford III, caught more than some photos of the politician. She captured the image of a serial killer who then added her to the victim's list.

Later that night, she was attacked in her apartment. Heading straight to the nearest precinct, she reported the crime that occurred. Detective Dean Jennings, all six-foot-two-inches of all lean muscles, took the case. They were together for thirty-two days of shared safe house space and they were finally informed that the killer had been arrested. During their close interaction with each other, some sparks started to fly between the two of them. They both admitted they had feelings for each other and acted upon them. Unfortunately in the process, Dean let his guard down and total mayhem ensued because of his clouded judgment.

What happened to Lisa and Dean? Did they both make it out alive or did both their misjudgments get them killed? What was the chaos that ensued for the both of them?

This was another short story by Donna Michaels that left my heart pumping and wondering what was going to happen next. She is an author that never disappoints her readers. She is extremely talented and once you read one of her stories, I assure you that you will agree with me. Keep up the fantastic work, Donna!

Book Blurb for Negative Image

Photographer Lisa Clarke thought working the Senator's Inaugural Ball would be just another job. But when she inadvertently photographs a serial killer with his next victim, her easy assignment turns into a life or death situation. When the killer targets Lisa, she's put into police protection and faces danger of another kind. Sexy Detective Dean Jennings.

Lisa and Dean give into their fiery attraction, but their interlude is cut short by the killer. With their wits as their only weapon, will they be able to outsmart a killer bent on revenge? Or will their passion-filled night cost them their lives?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50