Love is a Many Splendored Thing

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Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Marnie Shelton had lost her husband three years prior when his plane was shot down over Korea during the war. She was devastated beyond belief by the news of not only losing her husband, but also that her husband would never have gotten to meet their unborn son or even walk their daughter down the aisle when she grew up.

Life was lonely for Marnie when it came to relationships, but she surrounded herself and her children with a warm loving network of family and friends. Having another man in her life had on occasion passed through her mind, but no one would ever compare to her beloved husband, Pete. That all seemed to change though when she went to her friend's wedding reception and happened to be introduced to a handsome man named Major Edward Louden. A flood of memories came back to her when she saw him for the second time.

Where did she meet Major Louden before the wedding reception? Did he remember her also? Did they spend any time together during the rest of wedding reception? Did sparks fly or was Marnie going to make sure that nothing was going to happen with Edward?

This was a heart wrenching short story by Ms. Fraser. All along my heart ached for Marnie and her loss, but I was happy that she had moved on with her life at least for her and her children's sake. I felt bad though that she had such a bad feeling toward any military man because of the hurt she suffered losing her husband because of the Korean War. It was definitely an enjoyable read that I would recommend to others.

Book Blurb for Love is a Many Splendored Thing

At a friend's wedding, Marnie Shelton encounters Air Force Major Edward Louden, a man she originally met three years earlier when he'd come to her door to tell her that her husband had been killed while serving in Korea. Since that fateful day, Marnie has turned her life around by attending college and earning a business degree all while caring for her two young children. The last thing on her busy agenda is to become involved with a man, especially one in the military.

Ed has other ideas. Surely this beautiful, confident woman can't be the same young girl he'd met just three years earlier. Despite Marnie's refusal to see him again, the persistent Major won't take no for an answer and sets out to woo and win both mother and children.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.50