From Latte to Love

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From Latte to Love

Elaine was a high school poetry teacher by day, but hoped to be an extremely successful published writer one day with the paranormal fantasy romances she was writing in her free time. Stopping in the Starbucks in Springfield's old university neighborhood, she decided to grab a cup of coffee and type away at her second novel that was due in six weeks. While she was working, this cute guy accidentally bumped into her table as he was trying to maneuver around to get to the vacant table over by the window. He apologized and she accepted. He made it over to that table and started typing away. While watching him type, she noticed how hot he was.

Brian was a high school math teacher by day, but loved writing computer games and working on his sci-fi book that he hoped would get published one day. While deciding to stop in the nearest Starbucks for a cup of coffee, he decided to head over to the vacant table over near the window. While walking over to that table, he accidentally bumped into someone else's table and offered his apologies for disturbing them. He immediately noticed how hot the girl was.

While waiting in line for another round of liquid energy in a cup, they started talking and exchanged contact information.

Did Brian get enough nerve up to call Elaine? Did he ask her out on a date? Did they both have a lot in common when they spoke? Could this have been the match they were both looking for?

I thought this was an extremely sweet, funny and entertaining read. The story moved quickly and was light with its overall tone. I loved how Ms. Polo described these two characters to be shy, but both intelligent and how they played off each other throughout their dialogue. If you want to read a fun, lighthearted read this would definitely be a great choice for you.

Book Blurb for From Latte to Love

High school poetry teacher, Elaine, writes paranormal fantasy romances. Brian is a brilliant computer game designer and hopeful science fiction writer. As these shy strangers steal glances over laptops and Starbucks' lattes, will fantasy turn to romance? Can Elaine's gentle but powerful white witch heroine, Tranquility, subdue Brian's alpha male hero, Duke Starmaster? Can Elaine and Brian leave their imaginary worlds long enough to fall in love?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.50