For Better or for Worse

Kate Wentworth lived in Louisiana with her fianc‚, Colten James. Though they were very much in love, Colten held a deep secret from Kate the whole time they were together. He didn't want her to find out the truth about him and decided that he could no longer deal with the secret. He flicked open the chamber of his father's revolver then spun the cylinder containing the lone silver bullet. His only way out now was to take his own life.

The night of the first full moon she raced to his house to see him. She feared for herself, but although shaken, entered his house. She realized that she truly loved him. He was the one who brought her chicken soup when she was bedridden with the flu last winter and was her rock when she needed strength after her father passed away two months ago. He had always been there for her and now it was time to be there for him. He taught her to love unconditionally, and after finding the yellowed, torn piece of paper last week at his place while straightening up, she knew now was the time he needed her the most. She was going to make certain that he wasn't going to go through this alone anymore.

Desperately trying to protect her from himself, he emphatically told her she shouldn't be there with him at that point. She ignored his warning and explained she knew what his secret was now and that she loved him anyway. She pleaded with him that she was in it with him for better or for worse, and wanted to help him however she could. Then she saw the revolver in his hand.

What was Colten's secret? Why was he keeping it from her all this time? What fate did he decide for himself and for his beloved Kate at that point? Did she get hurt in any way by the outcome of the decision?

Although this is a short read, from the first sentence I was pulled into the story immediately. I could feel Kate's fear consume her, but felt her love for Colten by the words chosen by Ms. Tumlin. My heart was racing the entire time I was reading it and I was hoping that Colten wouldn't decide to do anything irrational before Kate could reach him to talk to him at one of his most troubling and vulnerable times. I truly enjoyed this story because it kept me on the edge of my seat as the story was unfolding. I would definitely recommend the story to others to read.

Book Blurb for For Better or for Worse

He bears a curse...

Colten James , a wearwolf with a concience, dreads each month's full moon when his body transforms into a creature of the night. In order to keep from giving in to his animalistic desires, he chains himself to a steel pole each month until the phase is over. His only hope is the lone silver bullet that he carries in his revolver if the burden becomes too much to bear and the love of his fiance', Kate.

She refuses to let him go...

Unaware that Kate has discovered his secret carnal nature, he is surprised to find her in his bedroom during one of his changes. He is contemplating using the silver bullet to end his torment once and for all until Kate shows him that for better or worse she will stand by his side and that true love really can conquer all.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00