Discovering Jenna

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Discovering Jenna

Jenna Winslow went to the local museum every Wednesday to do some sketch work on her favorite exhibit, DeeDee, the dinosaur. She also went there just be out among the people there. She was living a very lonely life for some time now. Ever since the accident that happened in 1987, things haven't been the same. Her father was the paleontologist who discovered DeeDee. Since her face and neck were so badly scarred from the plane crash that occurred when her and her family were returning home from DeeDee's discovery site, life had been pretty cruel to her. She was an eyesore to people when she met them and she was always self conscientious with her looks. Especially since her ex-boyfriend, Mike, made certain to always hit her weak spot by mentioning something about the horrific scars she had.

She found her solace in going to the museum as an escape from the solitary life she led. She knew the staff personally and liked being there. She found their companionship something to look forward to while doing her sketch work. One Wednesday she happened to notice a man who was wheelchair bound admiring DeeDee. She thought she would make some idle chatter with him, but he seemed more annoyed than anything by it. She couldn't understand why he was so gruff with her. Surely, she was just trying to make some friendly conversation. After another futile attempt, she decided she was going to leave. Hurrying to pack her backpack, she accidentally dropped her sketchbook on the floor. They both bent down to retrieve it and hit heads in the process. The gentleman picked up the sketchbook and started thumbing through it. He was quite impressed with her work.

He introduced himself as, Matt McCutcheon and she told him her name. He gave her a strange look and moved himself closer to DeeDee. He began to read what was on the plaque, DeeDee. Stegosaurus. Discovered by Derrick Winslow, Madagascar, 1987." He looked back at her inquisitively again. Nervously she looked down at her hands and took a deep breath to answer him. She admitted that she came to the museum as a way to be closer to her father who was now deceased. Offering her his condolences, they began to chat a bit more until the museum closed.

The following week like clockwork, both Jenna and Matt were there. She was surprised at how happy she was to see him there. They playfully chat with each other and he admits that he has been there everyday looking for her. She explained she only goes on Wednesdays. Curious, she asked him why he was so interested in looking for her. He admits that he wanted to find out more about her father and her and tells her that he felt some kind of connection between her and him. He asked where she was when DeeDee was found and she explained that was the first dig she was allowed to be at with her parents and she remembered it as the most incredible day of her life at first. Asking why she hadn't followed in her father's footsteps, she didn't want to admit the truth so she fibbed and told him that she didn't have what it took to be a paleontologist, but she was blessed with her mother's artistic talent. She further explained that she writes and illustrates children's books. With an eyebrow raised, he realizes he recognized who she was, Jennifer Margaret Winslow, author of the DeeDee the Dinosaur book series. He explains that he recognized her name because his niece read her books. She was elated by the news and told him that she would send his niece some autographed bookplates. He insisted that he wanted her to meet his niece. She was strongly against the idea because she didn't want to repulse the poor child by her looks. They continued chatting and getting to know each other and she went on to explain that the day of the dig turned out to be a tragedy for her and her family, also. On the way back to the States, after seeing her father, the plane crashed after takeoff. She made it, but her mother didn't. He comfor

Book Blurb for Discovering Jenna

Reclusive children's author Jenna Winslow hides behind her books to keep life from disappointing her. She'd rather spend her time in museums with the dinosaurs she writes about, than with the living.until she meets a man who makes her want to live again.

Matt McCutcheon is confined to a wheelchair but doesn't let life confine him. He's determined to unearth the mysteries of a woman whose physical scars camouflage wounds that go far deeper. But are his efforts to unlock the warmth and beauty inside Jenna enough to draw her into the land of the living?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00