I have to be honest; I was a bit taken back with this read.  I really enjoyed the blurb that was written for this story.  So much so, that was the exact reason I requested to review it.  Sadly though, once I started reading the story, I found it quite melancholy for my taste.

Mr. Brokenshire had a wonderful idea with this storyline.  Being able to have an old mobile phone where you could dial up Heaven and speak to anyone of your deceased relatives or friends sounded like a fabulous idea.  Just the overall negative and dark tone made me not enjoy the “hotline to Heaven” idea as much as I had wanted to.

This is just my opinion that I am stating.  Another reader might find this story quite entertaining as is, but sadly I was a bit disappointed overall with the author’s take on this potential storyline created.

Book Blurb for Calling

Imagine if you could talk to the loved ones you've lost. Imagine if there was no mystery to it, no darkened rooms with mediums. Talking was just a simple matter of using an obsolete mobile phone. What questions would you ask those who answer your call? What issues would you try to resolve?

In a chilling tale that defies genre definition comes Jack Brokenshire's story of Earth, Hell, and Heaven and how one man's life irrevocably changed when he picked up a phone and was able to call the dead.  Be prepared for your traditional notions of heaven and hell to be blown out of the water in this powerful story.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 2.50