Tender Treachery

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Tender Treachery

The TENDER Series, #2

Leah decides to leave her life in London and move back to Singapore to be with Toran. She’s willing to give love a second chance, that is until she starts learning that Toran is telling her lies. Mistrust is playing heavy on Leah’s mind and she can’t help but wonder what else he might be hiding from her. Are they able to work through the rocky start at their second chance at love? Was it worth Leah quitting her job and moving back to Singapore?

This second book in the Tender Series had me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if Leah had made the biggest mistake of her life by quitting her job and relocating back to Singapore. What I really liked about Leah and Toran was that they were a couple with real life problems. They were both down-to-earth and they both made mistakes. I felt they perfectly balanced each other and made their relationship very real to any reader who read their story. I enjoy how Ms. Hanna tells her stories and wraps them around beautiful locales I never visited before. This is one author who is very talented and knows the stories her readers want to read. Well done, Ms. Hanna!

Book Blurb for Tender Treachery

First love. Second chance. Trapped in a sinister island paradise...

Leah leaves her life in London and moves halfway across the world for a second chance at love. Reuniting with the handsome, enigmatic Toran James changed everything - but she's barely back in Singapore before she's plunged into a web of lies and intrigue. She thought she could trust Toran--now she's wondering what else he may have been hiding from her.

Then comes an invitation to an exclusive island retreat, which may provide answers. But Leah soon finds that if getting into the retreat is hard, getting out is almost impossible...

Fast-paced, action-packed romantic suspense filled with intrigue and sizzling tension. The exotic locale and tropical atmosphere of cosmopolitan Singapore adds up to a perfect escapist read!

* This is the second book in Leah and Toran's story. The series can be started from this book, but the experience would be enriched by reading TENDER DECEIT (Book 1) first.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 5.00