Room 1208

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Room 1208

When Maggie Edwards decides to step out of her comfort zone and write a brief note to a gentleman who has caught her eye at a busy airport hotel in Chicago, she’s not sure what the full outcome will be. She hopes he’ll accept her proposition to meet in a half hour in Room 1208. She’s never done anything this brazen before, but there’s something about this good looking guy that she just can’t get over. She doesn’t plan for anything serious to come out of their meeting up, so she hopes he’ll take her up on her proposition. Does the gentleman show up to Room 1208? If so, will Maggie be able to follow through sleeping with him?

This was a great short story that I immediately got drawn into. Considering that Maggie has had nothing but confidence issues in the past, I was totally shocked that she would do something as brazen as asking a complete stranger to her room for sex. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see if the gentleman showed up or not and I couldn’t wait to see how Maggie handled whatever the outcome turned out to be. This is one short story that can easily fit into your busy schedule and I think you’ll be glad you squeezed it in. I’m new to Ms. Renny, but she’s made a new fan in me after reading this enjoyable story.

Book Blurb for Room 1208

Maggie’s life hasn’t been an easy one. But in the last two years she’s made giant strides towards overcoming the repercussions of a devastating childhood. Now thirty years old, she’s ready to jump the final hurdle that stands between her past and a new life free from low self-esteem and old hurts.

Taking that leap requires the cooperation of a handsome gentleman she spies across a busy airport hotel lounge. Neither one of them foresees the depth of passion shared on that magical night, a passion that is astonishing and profound.

One night is all that Maggie expects, all that she’s planned on. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans…

[This book is intended for mature audiences]

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00