Rescue Me

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Rescue Me

Catherine Morelli, a vet and horse rescuer, needs to move her rescue horses from the current stable she rents to another more permanent one. Her present older landlord is moving and this puts Cat in a bind. That is until she thinks about talking to her Great-Aunt Elaine, who owns her own land, house and stable. There’s one small issue that Cat must first face. She hasn’t been to visit Elaine in ten years. She hopes that her aunt will be open to the idea of renting her stable out to her. Luckily for her, Elaine thinks it’s a wonderful idea, but mentions that it’s only the stable she can rent out because the farming acres are already being rented out to Cat’s ex-boyfriend, Joe. What Cat and Elaine don’t realize is that Joe has his own agenda in farming the land. He wants to get back the very land that his granddaddy lost in a poker game to Cat’s granddaddy. But when tragedy strikes, Cat turns to Joe again and this time they have to face some obstacles they didn’t plan on facing together. What tragedy strikes that throws off Cat’s plans? Do Cat and Joe decide to work on getting back together again?

I thought this story was a good read. The storyline was enjoyable enough, but honestly the characters were a bit one dimensional to me. Joe had too much that he was hiding from Cat and I felt the feelings they were experiencing together weren’t genuine. They needed to come up with a solution to their problem and what they decided on needed to work for the both of them in the end. I didn’t like what the actually problem was and I’m being a bit vague as not to give any spoilers away. I thought Elaine’s stipulations were so far-fetched that it became a nuisance to me to see what Cat and Joe found as a solution to the issues that popped up. Overall, this was a good story that helped me pass the time.

Book Blurb for Rescue Me

Can Catherine accept the consequences of a great-aunt's dying wish without losing her heart or independence?

Taking in stray, injured or needy animals, veterinarian doctor Catherine Mornelli opens the Four Hooves and Paws Rescue program. But the land where the animals are kept is being sold. She approaches her Great-Aunt Elaine about possibly using her barn. However, visiting her aunt and checking out the barn also means seeing her ex-boyfriend.

Josef Garrison farms land that once belonged to his family for generations but went to his neighbor Elaine after his great-grandfather lost it in a poker game to Catherine’s great-grandfather. When Catherine returns, he sees a way to win back her heart and the land at the same time.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50