Playing by Heart

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Playing by Heart

Summer Beach Vets, #3 / Escape Down Under

Pippa returns home to Summer Beach Australia after living six years overseas. There’s something about Summer Beach that she always seemed drawn to and she’s happy that she’s now back there. The only problem she faces is trying to find a job teaching ESL, which she went to school for. While back in Summer Beach, Pippa also gets to spend time again with her girlfriend, Charlie, who is the youngest vet at the Summer Beach Veterinary Hospital. Good thing she knows Charlie because while Pippa is walking past a car, she hears a strange noise coming from underneath it. She looks, but can’t exactly find the source of the noise. A man walks by, who just so happens to be fellow vet Matt Pearson, and he lends a hand. They both look under the car and find a little kitten hiding. It’s from this moment on that sparks begin flying between Pippa and Matt. Could a relationship come out of this chance encounter?

Ms. Hanna has done it again! I loved this third installment of the Summer Beach Vet Series and I just can’t get enough of her stories and her characters. I love that each story is unique and enjoyable. Plus, characters from previous stories cross over to the newer stories so you can still keep up with what they are doing now as well. I loved the connection that Pippa and Matt had and I wanted them together. I understood that he was hesitant because he was fresh from a bad break-up, but I felt that Pippa was the right one for him and that he’d be fine taking a chance with her. As always, this story was wrapped around animals so it had the best of both worlds – a great storyline and animals in it. If you are new to Ms. Hanna’s writing, you can start anywhere in this series because each story stands alone. My suggestion, read them in order so you can savor them in the order they were written. I highly recommend this story and this author!

Book Blurb for Playing by Heart

escape Down Under... and find love in Summer Beach, where cold noses touch warm hearts!

Pippa is finally returning to her home town in Australia after six years overseas. She's looking forward to enjoying some sun, sea and sand, with nothing more exciting on the agenda than a job hunt. But Fate has other ideas--first in the shape of a little stray kitten, then in the form of gorgeous veterinarian Dr Matt Pearson.

Fresh from a painful break-up, Matt is very wary of giving his heart again but there's something about Pippa that completely captivates him. When his past catches up with him, Matt is forced to make a choice between playing it safe and taking a gamble on love once more...

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00