Meant to Be

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Meant to Be

An Anchor Island Novel, #1

I really enjoyed this novel and loved the smooth flowing dialogue Ms. Osburn used throughout her story. I have to admit that right from the start, there was something about Joe Dempsey, Lucas’ brother, that I was attracted to even though he was a bit of a jerk when he was first talking to Beth Chandler - which just so happened to be while she was on the ferry heading to visit her future in-laws on Anchor Island for the first time. I kept finding myself wanting Beth to drop her boring, selfish fiancé, Lucas, and once she found out exactly who Joe was I wanted her to seriously consider the instant connection she had with him on the ferry ride to the island. I felt all the characters were relatable one way or another and the storyline was completely believable to me. I grew to love Anchor Island so much that I felt like I was another resident watching everything unfold before me firsthand. I’m new to this author, but I’m a huge fan now! I’m eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in the Anchor Island series. I highly recommend this story and this is an author you should definitely look into.

Going to visit her in-laws for the first time is stressful enough, but poor Beth Chandler is having a panic attack on the ferry boat ride to Anchor Island. She is eager to meet up with her fiancé, Lucas Dempsey, later on in the evening, but for now she has to depend on a complete stranger for some comfort while she is experiencing her severe boat anxiety. As they are talking, she finds out that this handsome stranger is none other than Joe, Lucas’ brother. After some disparaging remarks are made in reference to what kind of person he thinks his brother’s fiancée is going to turn out to be, Beth decides to hide who she really is until they meet later on. Never does she plan on developing feelings for Joe during her stay with the Dempsey family. Does Joe develop feelings for Beth as well? Does anything happen between them? Does Beth and Lucas’ wedding go off without a hitch?

Book Blurb for Meant to Be

Sometimes the next best thing is what you’ve been looking for all along…

Beth Chandler has spent her whole life pleasing others. She went to law school to make her grandparents happy. She agreed to marry her workaholic boyfriend, Lucas, to make him happy. And, despite her fear of boats, she took a ferry to see Lucas’s parents just to make them happy.

While suffering through a panic attack on the ferry, Beth meets a tall, sexy stranger who talks her down from her fear—and makes her heart flutter in the process. Soon, she has a new reason to panic: her gorgeous, blue-eyed rescuer is Lucas’s brother, Joe. But could she ever leave her fiancé for his own brother…even if Lucas is more focused on making partner than on making their relationship work…and even if Joe turns out to be everything she never knew she wanted?

Filled with excitement and delight, Meant to Be is the story of a young woman torn between urban pressures and small-town pleasures.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00