May Day Magic

This was a fun and light story that I really enjoyed reading. We’re introduced to single mother Diane Avery, who has two school aged children. She’s a school nurse and keeps busy with her everyday routine. Lately though, her routine seems to have livened up a bit because hunky flower nursery owner Marc Stafford seems to be finding plenty of reasons to go out of his way to see and talk to her. At first, she thinks he’s just being polite, but eventually with the help of her young daughter, she realizes that maybe there’s something more wrapped around Marc’s visits. I really liked this short read and felt the author did a wonderful job telling Diane and Marc’s story. I loved that the characters were older people and that the situations they found themselves in were extremely relatable and believable. I loved Ms. Breton’s voice and I found this to be one story that I’d highly recommend to other readers. Well done, Ms. Breton!

Diane Avery is a busy single mom raising two school aged children. Her life is wrapped around caring for her children, her mom and being a school nurse. Since she’s always so busy, it’s these times that she doesn’t realize that sexy flower nursery owner Marc Stafford might be coming around for more reasons than to just say hello to her when they coincidentally run into each other. Is Marc interested in Diane enough to maybe take their casual friendship to another level? Is Diane open to this possibility? How does Diane’s daughter help her come to understand exactly what’s happening with Marc?

Book Blurb for May Day Magic

Single mother and school nurse Diane Avery is on overload, too busy caring for her children and everyone else's to consider any TLC for herself. Her back seizes in front of hunky nursery owner Marc Stafford, and he rushes to her aid. Self-sufficient Diane laughs off the attention.

After a divorce, with his son now heading to college, Marc Stafford is faced with an empty home and heart. Intrigued by the school nurse, Marc plans a May Day surprise to bring them together.

Can Diane let Marc into her world? Can Marc find the courage to step out of his role of single father and bachelor? Will a simple tradition dedicated to flowers and affection bring the two together and set them on a path to love?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00