Christmas Past

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Christmas Past

It’s Christmastime and Mark Grayson is prepared to throw his annual holiday party to thank all his employees for working so hard throughout the year. As he walks around checking out the wonderful job the decorators have done, he just can’t believe his eyes when he stumbles upon an ornament on the tree that they’ve  used. It’s not just any ornament either. It’s the very one his ex-wife, Bailee, gave him ten years ago during their first and last married Christmas together. He’s absolutely baffled how the decorators even found it because he had it tucked away really well in the attic. Mark’s mom always taught him to believe in Christmas miracles and seeing the ornament again convinces him that maybe it’s a sign from above. He makes a wish that this will be the year that he can win Bailee back and prove to her just how much he still loves her.
The next day he plans on heading to his sister’s house to spend the day with her family then to his friend Sam’s cabin to get some skiing in. But it seems the angels above have other plans in store for him.
Bailee just lost her job and needs to get away for a little while to think. So her friend, Karen, allows her to stay at her and her husband Sam’s cabin for the week. Little does she know that things are going to get out of hand soon and the peace and quiet she’s looking for will be the last thing she finds.
Ironically, both Mark and Bailee have joined an online dating site and have been corresponding with some prospects they’re interested in. As a matter of fact, both of them have plans to meet their “dates” on New Year’s Eve at the ski lodge not too far from the cabin they’re staying in.
What happens when they stumble upon each other at the cabin? Could this blunder actually be a Christmas miracle in the making? Can they put what happened between them in the past and move forward to take another shot at a relationship together? Could it even work for them this time around?
I absolutely loved this story and hoped that Mark and Bailee would take another stab at a relationship together. I loved the storyline Ms. Adams created and I lost track of the time while I was reading it. If you’re looking for an enjoyable holiday read to lose yourself in, you need not look any further. This is one you shouldn’t pass up!

Book Blurb for Christmas Past

*Also available in the Love, From Christmas Town Anthology

Pages: 110

Ten years earlier, Bailee walked out on Mark before their first wedding anniversary. A miscommunication between their mutual friends brings them to the same ski cabin the week before New Year’s.

Mark longs to rekindle their romance, while Bailee is determined to meet the man she’s met online at New Year’s Eve. With the sparks between them burning hotter than the water in the hottub will Mark be able to convince her to try again or will Bailee decide that out with the old and in with the new is a much better option. 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00