A Broken Wing

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A Broken Wing

C.K. is still mourning the loss of his beloved Holly. Since her untimely death, all he wants to do is shut himself off from the world. He succeeds at doing just that for a while until he receives an invitation from the Stephenson family addressed to both him and Holly. When he sees her name on the invite, he’s torn all over again by the deep loss he’s feeling for her. He sends a note to them explaining that Holly was a victim of a car accident and that he isn’t up to company at this time.

It seems though that Rachel Stephenson, their daughter, feels the need to apologize and offer her condolences to C.K. She begins an open line of communication with him and eventually he accepts another invitation from them to stay the weekend at their beautiful estate. When Rachel takes the family plane to pick C.K. up, a very close friendship begins to blossom into possibly something more between them.

Does Rachel help C.K. to move forward in his life? Does something more happen between C.K. and Rachel that neither of them planned?

I have to honestly say that I didn’t like this story for a few reasons. First, I found myself having a very difficult time getting engrossed into this storyline. For me, it just fell flat and never offered me anything to really dig my teeth into. I understood that C.K. was still grieving and everyone handles their grief in their own way, but C.K. just seemed to be floundering all over the place. One minute he’s attracted to Rachel, but then when she leaves the estate to go on a business trip and the Stephenson’s tell him to stay a few more days and enjoy their estate, C.K. all of a sudden becomes enamored by the maid, Briel. He goes from one extreme to the next.

Second, I almost hate to say it, but the grief that C.K. was consumed with just seemed to suck the life out of the storyline for me. As I was reading it, I could feel the storyline was too heavy and I found myself becoming melancholy as well. Sadly, this story was nothing that I imagined it to be and because of the points I mentioned above, I could only offer the low rating that I did.

Book Blurb for A Broken Wing

"Following the untimely death of Holly, his first true love, C. K. exists each day pacified with his solitary existence simply waiting to die. Reluctantly, he accepts the charity of an unexpected friendship.

Can his new friend, Rachel, gain his trust and show him that love continues after the death of another? Or does she want to see his ultimate demise?"

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 2.50