Bo & Reika

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Bo & Reika

The Wolf's Mate, #5

Bo, third in the Tressel Pack, found no relief from the pain in his leg with the shifting. The pain from the old injury was steadily growing worse. The full moon gathering was here and he was going to enjoy it while he could. As Bo heads towards the others a scent lures him in a different direction. He tracks the scent and finds a she-wolf being attacked by three lynx shifters. Bo comes to her rescue and chases them off. He then carries her back to his home.

Reika Snow is the daughter of the second in the Columbus, Ohio pack. She’s been promised to lynx pack in repayment of a debt caused by her brother. At her twenty-third birthday she is supposed to become the wife of the lynx king's three grandsons, to be used a breeder. This is a fate she’s run from. But they still have found her. Little did she know she would finally find her true-mate…but is it was too late?

Both Bo and Reika have past that have damaged them physically and emotionally. Together they can heal one another or reject their joining lives and destroy their souls forever. I’ve fallen in love with R. E. Butler's style of writing. My fist read from her was her Wiccan-Were-Bear Series. That love carried over to her Wolf's Mate series. You too will fall in love it as well.

This is the fifth book in The Wolf's Mate series. Each new book in the series briefly touches on characters from previous books and we get to see how they are doing.

Each book is a standalone novel, but like potato chips you cannot stop at just one of Butler's books.

Book Blurb for Bo & Reika

She's on the run for her life ...

As a child, she-wolf healer Reika Snow was promised as a mate to three were-lynxes to prevent a war between her pack and the lynx clan. Her freedom is coming to an end as her twenty-third birthday arrives. With her bleak future as the subjugated bride of the three males looms near, she does the only thing she can think of ... she runs. With the lynxes hot on her tail, the only thing she can do is pray she can find safety, somewhere.

He's not going to let her get far ...

Bo Elliot, highly ranked member of the Tressel wolf pack, rescues a she-wolf from the claws of three were-lynxes as they attempt to capture her. When she awakens, he's surprised to find himself staring into the beautiful blue eyes of his truemate. With his bum leg, Bo doesn't want to tie Reika down to a wounded male like himself by acknowledging that they're mates, but he vows to set her free from the lynxes and give her back her life. It will take every trick in Bo's book to keep Reika from taking off on her own in a misguided attempt to spare him from getting tangled up in the hot mess of her life, but Bo will do anything for his truemate, even if it means walking away once she's free.

This book contains a scarred wolf with a heart of gold, a she-wolf healer who wants to protect her truemate at any cost, and a wolf-on-lynx battle that will determine where Reika spends the rest of her life. Readers should expect possessive werewolves, passionate sex, neck biting, and the kind of horniness that only the full moon can bring.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00