The Sun Witch

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The Sun Witch

Sophie Fyne is the youngest of the Fyne sisters. Hundred's of years ago a wizard was spurned by a widowed Fyne woman and cursed their line that no Fyne woman would ever know lasting true love. Both her sisters, Isadora and Juliet are skilled witches who, after a terrible tragedy struck Isadora's husband, decide the sisters only need one another, love is not required. Sophie has an interest in men and has been having sensuous dreams of a green eyed man for the last three nights, like her mother before her did, and she goes out to find her dream lover.

Kane is a defeated rebel soldier who has suffered much loss in the recent days. He sees a beautiful woman come out of the water at the pond and she asks him to be her first lover. He is sure he is dead and on his way to Heaven or Hell. He calls her "Angel". After an unforgettable lovemaking session he falls asleep and awakens with a newfound peace and wonderful luck. He does not realize that Sophie cast a spell on him to help ease his torment. A year later, Kane finally finds his way back to the pond; he is determined to get his Angel out of his mind. Only he realizes that his Angel has had his baby. He is determined to marry her and help raise the baby. As the truth comes out concerning Sophie and the spell is removed other forces move against Sophie and Kane, events that bring them closer together and frighten Sophie, for she knows she and her sisters must find a way to break the curse on her family.

The Sun Witch is the first in the Sisters of the Sun trilogy. This book was a quick, easy read and I enjoyed the new world that Ms. Jones brings the reader to. With political intrigue, magical powers, love and suspense, this book has it all and I will definitely be adding this to my "keep pile". I look forward to reading more from the author as she is definitely an author that is out to entertain and wow.

Book Blurb for The Sun Witch

For 300 years, the Fyne women have called the mountain Orianan their home, inheriting the supernatural arts from their mothers-but a long-ago curse makes true love unattainable for them.

When she meets the green-eyed soldier of her dreams, youngest sister Sophie discovers that she has been gifted with abundant fertility.

Now, she and her lover must call on all their strengths, both earthly and supernatural, to fight the curse which promises to end their happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.75