The Last of the Red Hot Vampires

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The Last of the Red Hot Vampires

Portia Harding is a physicist, who has gone to England with her best friend Sarah. Sarah is a romance writer who is doing research for her next book. Sarah is a very believing person and Portia tries to convince Sarah that all of the ghost stories and s‚ances are all drivel. One day, Portia finds herself alone in a fairy ring, while waiting for Sarah to return, when she accidentally summons a being known as a Virtue. The Virtue is known as Hope and she is in charge of the weather, Hope gives Portia her powers and disappears. Suddenly a handsome man shows up and attacks Portia.

The man attacking Portia is Theo North, who is actually a nephilim, an offspring from a virtue and a human. He is looking for a way to be admitted into the Court of Divine Blood, a place loosely similar to Heaven. Theo quickly realizes that Portia is newly gifted and will need a champion for the seven trials she must face before being admitted to Court. He offers to be Portia's champion. Portia does not believe in what is happening and fights through and fails her first two trials.

Portia realizes that Theo must be telling her the truth as a little rain cloud follows her around and extremely bizarre things keep happening to her. After the third trial and the disastrous punishment that takes place against Theo, Portia goes to the Court of Divine Blood to get more information concerning the events taking place and there she is charged with the murder of the Virtue Hope.

Through the story, Portia and Theo must get Portia to pass the remaining trials, solve the mystery of what happened to Hope, work through their feelings for one another and work past the punishment that was given to Theo. This book is a very quick read, a nice way to spend a weekend day.

Book Blurb for The Last of the Red Hot Vampires

On a trip to England, physicist Portia Harding is stalked by a heart-stoppingly handsome maniac.Theondre North is a nephilim -- the son of a fallen angel -- who needs Portia's help to change his fate. Problem is, Portia's down-to-earth attitude frustrates beings from both heavenly and hellish realms -- and gets Theo turned into a vampire. But at least he has Portia to satisfy his newfound hungers -- and possibly save his soul.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.50