The Gathering Storm

Daughters of the People Book 6

"The Gathering Storm" is the sixth book in the Daughters of the People series by Lucy Varna. Once again Ms. Varna has been able to grab the reader’s attention and interest and keep the reader engaged. Ms. Varna has created a world with interesting people, amazing storylines and endless possibilities. The pages steam between the main characters and it is fascinating to read the interactions in this different world, where women protect their own. I have been waiting anxiously for this next installment in the series and was not disappointed. I would recommend reading the books in order to fully enjoy the storyline. I cannot wait to see where Ms. Varna continues her story.

The Story: Sigrid Glyvynsdatter was born a Viking and has evolved into a deadly warrior turned geneticist, for the People. The Bones of the Just and their mysteries are enough to keep her interested. She still desires a good fight. She is set in her ways in that she has decided that she would never submit to a man, she believes that she is in a better position to protect her family and the People remaining immortal. Will Corbin is the grandson of a trusted ally and has been watching Sigrid for 2 years and interested in her. Finally he decides to gain her attention in such a way that he remains on her mind. As Sigrid determines what sort of relationship she wants with Will another interested party enters the picture. Will and Sigrid will continue to work on their relationship, with both wondering exactly how far it will go and whether a union will be blessed by his family or not.

Book Blurb for The Gathering Storm

Born a Viking and an immortal warrior of the People, Sigrid Glyvynsdatter has spent her entire life chasing wars and men, not necessarily in that order. Now one of the People's leading geneticists, she longs for the thrill of battle and the spoils of war. Even her work on the recently discovered Bones of the Just isn't enough to break the routine boredom she's fallen into.

Until Will Corbin snags her attention with a stolen kiss.

Will has been watching Sigrid from behind the bar of his parents' pub since she walked through its doors two years ago. In a fit of exasperation, he dares to kiss the woman he's wanted for so long, risking her wrath and his life.

But will that one kiss lead to something more, or will the forces aligned against them destroy the fragile attraction stretching between Will and Sigrid before they can fall in love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 5.00