Of Love and Darkness

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Of Love and Darkness

Tami Lund does a fantastic job of making and detailing new shape-shifter storylines.

Of Love and Darkness is the first book in the new paranormal Twisted Fate series. I am looking forward to reading more in this series. I enjoyed the twists and turns the author put the reader through as she explained and built this new series. The characters were well developed and the storyline flowed well. The main characters steamed up the pages and made me laugh while the secondary characters were well written and leaves me wanting more. I am looking forward to reading more from the author in this series as the Light Ones begin to fight back against their enemies the Rakshasa and start to defend themselves to build a better future.

Gavin Rowan is a Rahshasa, one who helped decimate the portion of the Light Ones who can breed. He had been killing Light Ones for centuries until he was finally stopped by a Fate, one who put a curse on him. Gavin knows he is a Rahshsasa; however, he has been cursed with only being able to help and protect the Light Ones. He has been now been killing his kind for centuries due to the curse. One day he finds one of the Ligt Ones who can breed, a Chala by the name of Sydney Amataya. She has no idea of the secrets that are in the world and as many more Light Ones come for the opportunity to mate with her she is drawn more and more to the one man she shouldn't mate with. The Light Ones need to learn more and defend themselves and humanity against the evils in the world.

Book Blurb for Of Love and Darkness

OF LOVE AND DARKNESS kicks off the new Twisted Fate shape-shifter series. There are two kinds of shifters: Rakshasa and Light Ones. Rakshasa want to snack on human bones. Light Ones want to protect the humans.

Unfortunately, the Rakshasa are currently winning the battle, as the Light Ones are not fertile. Only one type of Light One, exceedingly rare females called Chala, are able to produce offspring. The Rakshasa know this, and have managed to nearly decimate the population.

Enter Gavin Rowan, a cursed Rakshasa who believes he is a Light One. He feels all his Rakshasa urges to kill, but has been cursed to protect the Light Ones instead.

Throw Sydney Amataya into the mix. She is a Chala- except she doesn't know it. At least not until Gavin saves her from a Rakshasa attack and then declares her as his mate.

But that's not how Sydney operates. Encouraged by her cross-dressing Fate, William, she refuses Gavin's claim. If he wants to mate with her-once she gets over the shock of discovering this supernatural world, that is-he's going to have to woo her, impress her, wine and dine her. Romance her. She deserves no less, end of the world be damned.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50