Master of Dragons

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Master of Dragons

The Mageverse Series

Right before high school graduation, fairy princess Nineva Morrow engaged in magic, to save a dog. Through her actions, evil forces found her family and rendered her an orphan and set her running. As the years pass, she learns to use her magic with more care and continues to run, not trusting anyone. Also, through the years, Nineva has nightmares concerning the prophecy, which has been passed down for generations, and of her future dragon lover. The prophecy states the 21st avatar will free the God Semira from the Sword of Semira. Nineva is the 21st avatar for her God, Semira.

Kel is a dragon knight for Arthur's roundtable in the Mageverse. Kel is a dragon who prefers to spend time with humans, especially after the treachery that had him cursed by his uncle, into a sword. Kel has recently been freed from the curse after 1500 years. Kel's God, Cachamwri, has given Kel a task to protect Nineva and to help her in her quest to free Semira.

Kel and Nineva must join together to attempt to stop the Dark One's destruction of the Mageverse. They must fulfill the prophecy to free Semira. As the Dark One's prepare their army so does the Mageverse, with Arthur, his Vampires and Majae, sidhe, direkind and dragons preparing to fight together for the first time.

Master of Dragons is the fifth book of the Mageverse series by Angela Knight. I absolutely enjoy this series and it was a pleasure to be reacquainted with past characters. I had high hopes for this book and Ms. Knight did not disappoint. This book is as well written as her others. The book is wonderfully written, fast paced, funny, sensuous and hot. I will be adding this book to the rest of my keep and reread pile. I definitely hope that there will be more of the Mageverse series.

Book Blurb for Master of Dragons

The last time fairy princess Nineva Morrow engaged in magic, evil forces rendered her an orphan--isolated and incapable of trusting in anyone's survival. But after years of hiding on Earth, she'll use her powers once more--and attract more knights than she can handle.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 5.00