Kiss Me Deadly

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Kiss Me Deadly

Mandy Newman is a family lawyer who is determined to assist the underdog in court proceedings; as such she has come to the attention of some individuals who are quite upset with her and her work. One night, on the home to her daughter after work, Mandy is in a terrible incident where her car is rammed into the river, with her still in it. Mandy is able to escape and attempts to put the situation out of her mind. Later that week, Mandy and her coworkers realize they have won the lottery, over $300 million dollars for the small group of them. Mandy's best friend calls in her DEA brother Zach to help protect them both until they return home.

Zach Taylor is an undercover DEA agent who is attempting to move past the memories of a difficult mission. He is committed to his work as a DEA agent after witnessing what drugs can do to an individual and a family, after his brother died while addicted to drugs. He met Mandy years ago and still thinks of her. Zach is about to learn some very shocking secrets that Mandy has kept hidden as he follows her home and continues to protect her after her coworkers begin to end up dead.

Kiss Me Deadly was a fast paced, suspenseful romantic read. It had wonderful twists and turns and kept me glued to my seat. Ms. Kearney has written a book that I would be happy to read again and I will definitely be adding it to my "keep pile".

Book Blurb for Kiss Me Deadly

Mandy Newman won the biggest lottery in history

She and her coworkers picked the right numbers and hit the jackpot. and then someone stole the ticket.

Now Mandy's fellow winners are being murdered one by one, and an attempted drowning convinces Mandy she's next on the killer's hit list. In urgent need of protection and help to recover the ticket, she finds both, wrapped in the sexy form of DEA agent Zachary Taylor.

But Zack abandoned Mandy once before, so relying on him doesn't come easy. If she's going to trust him, he needs to start telling her the truth. And she must do the same-since Mandy has a secret that could devastate them both. While on the run, Mandy and Zack struggle between sparking sensuality and latent distrust. But can they overcome their past as a killer attempts to destroy their future?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.75