If Angels Burn

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If Angels Burn

Darkyn Series, #1

Alexandra Keller is a reconstructive surgeon in Chicago. She is very busy, both with her hospital work and her bro bono work. Alex has been touted as having "the fastest scalpel in the World". Her brother, Father John Keller and she are estranged. Alex gets a request to go to New Orleans to perform a reconstructive surgery, on Michael Cyprien, for $4 million. She refuses the request as she is busy with her patients and has a bad feeling about the request. Shortly after Alex refuses, again, she is kidnapped and wakes in New Orleans to meet Michael, a man without a face.

Michael Cyprien is known as a reclusive millionaire and desperately need of Dr. Keller's skills. He is a member of the Darkyn, and was recently tortured by the Brethren, a secret sect of the Catholic Church who plans on destroying the Darkyn. As a Darkyn, Michael survives on blood and heals with remarkable speed, thus the need for a fast surgeon. After Alex is coerced to perform the surgery and the surgery is a success, Michael has a surge of blood lust and attacks Alex. When Alex awakens, she finds herself almost completely drained of blood and in a Chicago hospital.

Michael and Alex are inexplicitly drawn to one another, Michael especially once he realizes that Alex has been infused with the Darkyn disease. Alex studies the illness that she has been infected with and a new fact of the Darkyn comes to light. While Alex is slowly changing, the Brethren recruit her brother, John. As the two worlds collide, Alex must decide what she wants and how she feels for Michael.

If Angels Burn is the first in the Darkyn series. Overall, I enjoyed this book, however; I didn't find this a romantic book by any means. Ms. Viehl has brought to light a new, complex world, which I look forward to reading more of.

Book Blurb for If Angels Burn

Alexandra Keller is Chicago's most brilliant reconstructive surgeon. Michael Cyprien is New Orleans' most reclusive millionaire-and in desperate need of Dr. Keller's skills. In the heart of the Garden District, Alex encounters the extraordinary Cyprien, uncovering a love Alex is willing to embrace, even if she must sacrifice her heart and soul to do so.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 3.50