Fall Dead

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Fall Dead

Markov is a Detective for the New York Police Department. As he is taking his partner, Ethan, home a body falls on the top of his SUV. Ethan identifies the body as being Andrew Langan III. Nick and Ethan go to investigate, as they believe that Drew did not commit suicide. As Nick investigates he gets shot at and the suspects escape. Now he must find the killers and Drew's estranged wife becomes the prime suspect.

Augusta Langan is Drew's estranged wife. Augusta had discovered a horrible truth concerning Drew and was in the process of getting a divorce. Augusta and Drew remained the best of friends and as such spent much time together. Augusta is a history professor and a painter who enjoys the quiet life. Things change quickly after Drew's murder.

Upon meeting Augusta, Nick is drawn to her and tries to fight his attraction to her. As the investigation proceeds Augusta is targeted by unknown individuals and tormented by reporters. As a leak within the police department is revealed, Augusta is attacked and her house raided, Nick and Augusta try to determine their feelings for one another.

This book was a quick, sexy, suspenseful read and very hard to put down. The plot was well planned and fast acting. The characters jumped off the page and were a pleasure to read about. I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel.

Book Blurb for Fall Dead

When his latest case falls on him and his partner—quite literally—Detective Nick Markov knows the demolition of his car by a not-yet-cold body is the least of his worries. The dead body is that of prominent businessman Andrew Langan, and suicide is swiftly ruled out after Nick pursues the killers down twenty-seven flights—and loses them.

To his superiors' frustrations, Nick doesn't buy into the popular belief that Langan's soon-to-be ex-wife Augusta is behind the murder, even though she has the motive, the opportunity, no alibi and a shady past. The only reasons Nick has for going against logical dictates are the feeling in his gut and the constriction in his chest.

Augusta soon finds herself thrust back into an unwanted spotlight and her quiet life shattered. Then things go downhill. In between dodging the media, Augusta fights off a mugger, deals with a kidnapping attempt and confronts goons better dressed than she. With Nick Markov, who dredges up a past she'd rather forget and feelings she'd rather not admit to having, Augusta must race to unravel her deceased husband's perilous legacy of deadly secrets before she finds herself skydiving without a parachute.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.25