Dark Moon

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Dark Moon

Nightcreatures Series - book 3

Dr. Elise Hanover is a scientist for a secret organization. She is attempting to find the cure to werewolves. The reason she is so interested in finding the cure is that she is a werewolf as well. She has been able to curb the blood lust that affects her during the change. Elise hates being a werewolf; however, there comes certain benefits to being a werewolf, along with the side effects the change and what happens during the change. Seven years ago Elise left the love of her life, Nic, without saying goodbye so he would not find out her secret. Elise is a quite woman who often finds herself on the outside of things due to her differences. She grows into a strong, witty woman during this book.

Nic Franklin is a F.B.I agent and his newest mission has brought him to her lab for information. Nic is investigating the large number of missing people in Fairhaven, Wisconsin. He comes into the area as the compound explodes and some of the animals escape. Elise cannot tell Nic what exactly has escaped, werewolves, especially one of her most deadly subjects. Nic is determined to find the truth and he deals well with the bizarre facts he is given.

Dark Moon is the third book in the Nightcreatures series. Ms. Handeland has a wonderful way to drawn one in. I read this book quickly and the characters were interesting and drew me in. Ms. Handeland writes in such a way that one can believe that werewolves are real. This book is on my "keep pile" and I look forward to more from this fantastic author.

Book Blurb for Dark Moon

Elise Hanover feels the pull of the moon--even in its dark phase. She is a werewolf who feels nothing but disgust for the bloodlust and violent tendencies inside her. Nick Franklin is the man she met and fell in love with in college, and the man whose touch first awakened her beast. When she realized that her lust for him inspired the wolf inside her, she ran as far and as fast as she could. To defeat her furry side, she has spent the last five years in a secret location in Montana, trying to find a cure for lycanthropy. Just as she feels she's at the edge of a breakthrough, her research is interrupted. Nick is now an FBI agent--and he's standing in her lab. Minutes after they leave the building, it explodes, destroying all of Elise's research and the serum she needs to fight her bloodlust. Together, Nick and Elise must race to find a cure for before the next full moon rises. Dark Moon is full of dry wit, steamy chemistry, and truly scary villians.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50