Change In the Light

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Change In the Light

Lightbearer, #4

Tami Lund continues her paranormal series and branches out to a new group with the fourth book in the Lightbearer series. Change in the Light is a departure from the Lightbearers themselves and focuses on the shape-shifters previously seen in her series. The book was well written and a pleasure to read. The characters were strong and I was very interested in reading whether Josh Tigre, who has assisted the Lightbearers in the past, gets his own happy ending. I am hoping there will be more to this series as it has been so enjoyable seeing what an amazing new world the author draws the reader into. The pages sizzle with the heat between the main characters as the human world and the world of the shape shifter crash together.

Rachel Whitaker is a human, with no knowledge of the amazing beings that are around her. She is trying to survive when she is forced into trying to seduce Josh from his duties. She doesn't realize just how different Josh is and how important he is in his world. Josh Tigre is a shape shifter and the pack master of the Detroit pack. He can't afford to be distracted and certainly never planned on finding his mate in the human world. As Rachel tries to fight the evil that is against them both, she quickly falls in love with Josh. Rachel is terrified to tell Josh the truth for fear of losing him. As past secrets are revealed Josh and Rachel must decide if their love is worth fighting for and Josh will need to decide whether his pack or his mate is his priority.

Book Blurb for Change In the Light

Shifter pack master Josh doesn’t know his human lover is using him. Rachel doesn’t know he isn’t human. Change In the Light by Tami Lund is a wonderful addition to her paranormal romance series Lightbearer. Book 4 will have you on the edge of your seat as hearts become entangled and two worlds collide. It’s anybody’s guess where the pieces will fall and who will survive.

As the pack master to the Detroit shifter pack, Josh Tigre is obligated to take a mate and produce offspring to carry on his family line. Problem is, the woman he falls for is human. According to the rules of the pack, he can never tell her about his true nature, which means at some point, he has to give her up.

Rachel Whitaker is a human woman trying to survive in a world in which it seems the cards are always stacked against her. When she’s forced to seduce Josh in exchange for her own life, the task is no hardship—until she falls for the one she is supposed to help destroy.

Rachel decides to fight back against the man manipulating her life, starting in motion a chain of events that adversely affect two worlds—and she doesn’t even know it.

Content Notes: Spicy, Paranormal, Medical, Fairies, Magic, Shifters, Other Weres

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00