Treasure Found

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Treasure Found

(graphic violence/language warning)

Near Valentine's Day 1747 Edward Ormand sailed his ship into Ocracoke Island when he spied smoke coming out of a usually vacant building. Upon inspection he found Zerinda Prescott living there.

She invited him in and proceeded to tell him she was there because her sister Lavinia's Valentine birthday celebration was in effect so she was moved out to be out of the way. Zerinda from pre-teen wore an eye patch and one side of her face scared from a fire that Lavinia started in a jealous rage. It was Lavinia's idea to get Zee out of the way when she was mate hunting - their mother dead, their father afraid to go against Lavinia's wishes.

After Captain Edward's trip to the Prescott residence he returned to the cabin and proposed marriage to Zerinda. It took some convincing and a little sexing but she finally succumbed. They were married and lived on the ship with one son and another child on the way as they sailed on to Charleston to make a permanent home.

I enjoyed Treasure Found for the quick and easy read it was. However, I would have liked some face to face conflict/combat as sailing ships men or spiteful women are in the mix why not write in a fist-y-cuffs battle? The heartfelt, loving interactions between Zerinda and Captain Ormand were a big part of a wonderful romance story with colorful settings and personable characters.

Book Blurb for Treasure Found

Captain Ormond was a practical business man in the mid-eighteenth century, with a notorious lineage he struggled to shed. Zerinda was a beautiful woman, physically and emotionally scarred. While sheltered, she had confidence and spirit, the qualities his wife would need to thrive aboard his ship. With one glimpse, he knew she was what was missing from his life. He had to convince her she was his true treasure.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00