Touched by Fire

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Touched by Fire

The Sentinel Series, #2

This book has it all. It's a Contemporary, Fantasy and a Romantic Suspense. If I could put more genre categories listings on this fully charged, electrifying Touched By Fire, I would, just to try to snag more readers, because this series is a stunner.

Staying just shy of over the top - too far reaching for the imagination - Ms Spangler's humor, romance and suspenseful writing skillfully triggers our human emotions. In the sleep state Marla is seduced into the Belial world (that's bad), it's a time for the reader to remember to breathe. As is the time Luke and Marla are in the conductive state, and while they are nearly blown to pieces at the church, or when their lives are in the balance near the ending. Don't forget Fifi/Bryony adds her own little bit of humor to the mix.

This story is full of excitement and can stand-alone. Touched by Fire is the second book in the Sentinel Series. This is a super read for anyone with a vivid imagination.

Book Blurb for Touched by Fire

Since a brutal attack on her sister eleven years ago, Marla Reynolds has been emotionally frozen—but one man’s passion could melt her defenses . . .

For the past eleven years, Marla has avoided relationships with men. Then she meets Luke Paxton in a Houston bar and is upended by an intense attraction she doesn’t understand. But Luke does—it is an energy he must harness to achieve his goals. He is a Sentinel, a member of an ancient superhuman race.

His purpose on Earth is to track unimaginable evil, and he needs Marla—willing or not—to help him focus his psychic powers. Kidnapped by Luke, who insists he’s a reincarnated Atlantian and that she’s a matched conductor for him, Marla thinks he’s totally crazy. But his superpowers and the undeniable link between them convince her otherwise. She agrees to work with him to track down a bomber that’s leaving a path of destruction across Texas.

Luke tries to resist his growing feelings for Marla, but as he draws her deeper into a supernatural world, he finds himself torn between protecting humanity—or yielding to the fire of her touch . . .

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00