Queen of Hearts

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Queen of Hearts

Book 2

Lucius who is among the group of vampires that feeds nightly. He happens to view a woman that totally enthralls him. He tries to get in to her mind but she blocks him from entry which only few people can.
Debra is one of a small group of mortals that can get into the minds of others. Their current operation consists of finding and destroying a murderer who drains the victims’ blood until death.
Together Lucius vampire group and Debra’s paranormals decide to work with each other on solving this case. In the mean time the number of mortal victims keeps increasing, so time becomes paramount.
Queen of Hearts: Book 2 is beautifully written with wonderful formidable characters who exhibit their own strengths as one and as a part of their group.        
Debra and Lucius build a relationship/romance and work together well during the conflicts.
L.H. Young worked into the story many characters that made the story more momentous. Sometimes an author adds so many nondescript characters the story gets bogged down, but that’s definitely not the case in Queen of Hearts: Book II. It was a pleasure to read of a concise gathering working together so well.  Together their differentiation was its’ asset.  
The dialogue appears mature and natural. A few characters/ main characters actually state directives, but there’s respect for everyone as any/all are able to have a voice in the proceedings. The characters direct the course of the story alongside the conflicts, and finally to resolution.
Even though the plot in The Queen of Hearts: Book II is similar to many others of this genre it is very well written and the aspect of introducing so many characters into the events adds much more interest especially when the story is so easy to read and the plot so easy to follow.
If there is an opening for improvement – I’d include more intimate sex.

Book Blurb for Queen of Hearts

As a vampire, Lucius believes that he is happy alone until he meets a woman whose mind can block his psychic enticements. This intrigues him and once he sees her, he is smitten by her extraordinary beauty. She does not return the attention and has no love for the creature he is, leaving him to watch after her as she drives away giving him only a first name. But Lucius cannot get the beauty off his mind.

Debra is the beauty with hair the color of flame and eyes the shade of a brewing storm. Men everywhere have tried to claim her as their own, but she wants nothing to do with them since she can read their minds and see what they truly desire. Instead, she focuses on her career as an agent in a covert organization known as the Institute for the Study of Paranormal Phenomena. All agents have been carefully trained to use their unique psychic gifts to keep society safe from creatures most mortals believe are mythical, and also others with strong psychic gifts who use those gifts to harm others. The agency is small with only a handful of gifted team members but they operate all over the world.

Suddenly there are deaths that cannot be explained and when sent to investigate they find disturbing clues that tell them a rogue vampire is committing the crimes. Lucius discovers that this ancient one has no emotions and will not follow the newer rules that allow other immortals to co-exist with mankind. When mortals start dropping like flies including Debra’s partner, Lucius takes the initiative and involves the covens. Lucius’s love for Debra grows and she falls for him even though she doesn’t want to.

In the battle that ensues, casualties are higher than estimated and Debra will be one of them unless he turns her. Knowing how she feels about vampires, he is reluctant. Can he make that decision or will he let her go?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00