The Hookup

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The Hookup

The Jordan Brothers

I loved this book!

Erin McCarthy has a special knack for spinning a great story with messy characters who easily pull you in and have you rooting for them. So let me tell you a little bit about Cain and Sophie. I loved Cain but this guy was an absolute wreck. He was an alcoholic with deep family issues to overcome. Sophie was a virgin genuis whose starightforward manner made her a bit socially awkward. She definitely wasn't sexy Cain's usual kind of hook up ..... but these two unlikely lovers connected from the first moment they met. Their chemistry was palpable and right from the first I just knew they were meant to be together for more than a casual hook up.

Erin McCarthy has already hooked me on this messed up dysfunctional Jordan family. I loved Cain and Sophie's book. It had all the feels and loads of family turmoil to keep me turning the pages. I can't wait to read Christian's book. I'm really hoping that Erin McCarthy pairs him up with Bella ..... because to me it was pretty obvious that something was going on with them.

This was a great romance book. It had my favorite trope where the good girl redeems the bad boy. I think that Erin McCarthy did a fabulous job on this book. I can't wait for the next one in the series.

Book Blurb for The Hookup

Is there an equation for the perfect hookup? Turns out it’s a lot more complicated than one plus one. . . .

Sophie: Numbers are my comfort zone, which explains why my sex life is a big fat zero. Then again, if I’m smart enough to earn a PhD, why can’t I calculate a way to get a guy into bed, just to see what all the fuss is about? With my prima donna sister, Bella, getting married in Maine, I figure her wedding is the perfect opportunity for my little experiment. And Cain Jordan seems hot enough—he’s certainly drunk enough—to show me what I’ve been missing. Judging by the body of evidence, it’s a lot. . . .

Cain: Being stuck in the same town as my lying SOB twin brother, Christian—who may or may not be the father of the son I’m not allowed to see—is a hell of a reason to drink myself silly after the lobster boat docks each day. Any port in a storm . . . But Sophie’s different. She doesn’t play around. And she’s becoming a habit I don’t want to break. Because the smartest woman I’ve ever met is also the sexiest—and the only one who makes me want to change.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50