The Highlander's Triumph

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The Highlander's Triumph

This is one of my favorite Highlander series and I am so glad to have discovered the talented Eliza Knight. She is an excellent storyteller. The Highlander's Triumph is the fifth book in The Stolen Bride series. It's a very sexy and exciting story that I enjoyed reading.

The book picks up where The Highlander's Warrior Bride ended. The action opens with Brandon's rescue of the fair Lady Mariana and right away the intrigue caught my attention. Mariana is suspect and everybody but Brandon can see that she is a spy for the enemy. Our braw hero falls fast for the damsel in distress and vows his protection. * Sigh * Things are getting exciting at this point cause it's more than likely that the loyal warrior will stand against everyone for his woman.

This is a very romantic book that had a lot going on to keep me glued to those pages. The plot was loaded with intrigue and suspense. The English King and his henchmen are sticking their dirty paws into everything. Messing with my heroine's head and bringing about all kinds of mayhem. Lots of action scenes to keep the excitement flowing. The sexual tension between Brandon and Mariana was sizzling hot. Indeed the book had all of this to hold my attention, but it was the wonderful characters that made this an outstanding read for me. Knight did a great job in bringing the characters to life and it was their relationship that made the story.

It was a sure thing that Mariana would garner my sympathy and I was bound to get emotional as I read about her torrid past. I was a goner for all that hurt and humiliation she'd suffered. So I felt that it was only fair that she get a good man and I decided that Brandon was the right man for the job. He was the perfect hero in my book. Seriously ... strong and sexy as sin and ready to defend his woman. He shook my faith when the ugly truth came out about her past but he redeemed himself in the end. He came through in a big way. He was most definitely a swoon worthy hero.

The writing was absolutely perfect as this story seamlessly flowed between the two books. Every nuance of the characters was explored and came into play here. From Mariana's regrets about her past to her self-doubt about her worth and yes ... to her courage. I'd met Brandon a time or two while reading the series, but I didn't know a lot about his character. It was his story this time and Knight gave me a good picture of his deep fears about himself and what he was capable of. I admired his determination to do his duty and serve his King above everything else. Didn't much care for his suspicions about Mariana, but the part that made it exciting to read. Could their love overcome her past? Would he really sacrifice the woman he loved? Knight had me on the ropes for the most part of the story but this one hit pay dirt in the end. Absolutely loved the ending. It was heroic and very romantic.

I think that readers who enjoy Highland romance are sure to go for this one. I loved it and recommend it to all. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. :)

Book Blurb for The Highlander's Triumph

He was a warrior fighting for Scottish freedom.

She was his enemy’s mistress.

Laird Brandon Sinclair has given his life to the Scottish cause. Swearing fealty to Robert the Bruce, he will stop at nothing to see oppression end.

Lady Mariana wants nothing more than to break free of the tyrannical hold the English king has on her. When he sends her to Scotland with a message for the rebels, instead of obeying his orders, she finds herself submitting to her desires. After one sizzling, life-altering night, Brandon and Mariana must part ways. But Mariana has no intention of betraying her heart again.

And Brandon is determined to get her back. Stealing Longshank’s secrets felt like victory, but taking his woman will be this Highlander’s ultimate triumph.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00