The Elusive Wife

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The Elusive Wife

Marriage Mart Mayhem, #1

I enjoyed The Elusive Wife and really liked the heroine. At first I was sad for her and got mad at her Earl for treating her badly. But let's face it. That’s the reason I chose this book. I'm a sucker for a sob story. Or so I thought. This story had more to it than the usual tearjerker. The heroine turned out to be strong and actually had a backbone. And I loved it.

The Earl of Coventry has lost his bride. No… he threw her away. Now, he wants an annulment because he's found someone else, only it's going to be difficult time finding his wayward wife. She's not where he left her and he doesn't remember what she looks like cause he was falling down drunk at the wedding. He doesn't recognize the woman he's trying to win is his own wife. Now, I was pretty darn mad at the Earl so I had me a laugh at his expense.

I felt sad for Olivia cause the writer gave me more than a few emotional moments while reading along. Then after he pushed her too far and she found a way to get back at her arrogant man I was cheering her on. Then inevitably he made a grand gesture that won her forgiveness and the writer gave me a very sweet ending that I absolutely loved.

It didn't blow me away but it was a well written plot and the characters were likeable. I enjoyed it a lot and will be checking to see if Callie Hutton has any more books I can get my hands on.

Book Blurb for The Elusive Wife

Jason Cavendish, the Earl of Coventry, is trying to discreetly locate his unwanted and abandoned bride among London society to request an annulment. However, he doesn’t remember what she looks like because he was blind drunk at his arranged wedding and hasn’t seen her since. The fascinating Lady Olivia has captured the Earl’s attention. Newly arrived from the country to stay with her school friend for the Season, she is appalled to discover that her husband, Lord Coventry, doesn't even recognize her. She's not about to tell the arrogant arse that she is his wife. Instead, she flirts with him by night and has her modiste send her mounting bills to him by day. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Too bad this woman finds her husband nearly irresistible.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50