Scandal's Mistress

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Scandal's Mistress

Scandal's Mistress is the first book that I had read from author Bronwyn Stuart. I was very impressed with this short story. What it lacked in length it more than made up for with the powerful emotions exhibited by the two main characters. I found myself hating to say goodbye to Justin & Carmalina.

Justin Trentham has been trying for years to force his uncaring family into dis-owning him. Then he comes up with his grandest scheme yet. He will take Italian opera singer Carmalina Belluccini as his mistress. But people sometimes aren't what they seem. What starts out as a simple business arrangement soon has these two vulnerable souls contemplating a more permanent arrangement. A surprise twist at the end will shed some light on the family dynamics that will explain Justin's drastic actions.

I really enjoyed this book. It left me craving more of the lead characters story. The author displayed a true talent for making the reader "feel" for her characters. I highly recommend this story for all fans of the historical romance genre. I’m looking forward to more books from this promising author.

Book Blurb for Scandal's Mistress

London, 1805

Justin Trentham, third son of the Earl of Billington, is determined to get himself disowned from his cold and unloving family. Despite his numerous affairs with questionable women of the ton, his parents continue to be dismissive of his ploys, but Justin spots the perfect scandal in the form of a beautiful, exotic Italian opera singer...

Carmalina Belluccini refuses to become his mistress, despite being tempted by his charms. But after losing her singing voice, she finds herself destitute. She agrees to be Justin's mistress for one month, until she has enough money to return to her beloved Italy.

She intends to keep their arrangement strictly business, but after witnessing Justin's vulnerable side, she finds herself falling more in love than in lust with him. Carmalina is having second thoughts about leaving England...but is their love strong enough to survive the scandal of the season?

88,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50