Midnight's Temptation

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Midnight's Temptation

Dark Warriors, #7

Midnight's Temptation is the seventh book in a Dark Warriors series. It's a super awesome story, and a strong addition to the series.

I've been following Donna Grant's novels for quite some time now. She's one of those authors who always comes through for her readers, with compelling stories that keep her long running series fresh and exciting. I think I can safely say that Midnight's Temptation is one of her best efforts yet. For one thing, it's so exciting. There was lots of things happening, the book happens to bridge three of Grant's series - Dark Sword - Dark Warriors and Dark Kings. Plenty of familiar faces showing up on page. This book had everything needed to keep this reader entertained. Action ... Intrigue.... Passion ....and Heartache. It featured a unique plot that continues to move the series forward. The most important thing that I came away with.... it's a story about retribution, redemption and forgiveness.

Phelan was a warrior with a tragic past. He had a thirst for revenge against all drough (Druids who sold their soul to the devil). Ironically, Phelan finds himself in love with his enemy.

In a moment of despair Ainsley sold her soul to the devil. Or did she? Desperate and on the run, she finds herself tempted by the touch of her enemy.

See where I'm going with this? Phelan doesn't know that he is sleeping with the enemy. Aisley fears that he will kill her when he finds out. Sometimes she doesn't care if he does. They are both hiding secrets, but they can't fight their desire. This was a very emotional story to read, but I loved every minute of it. It had all of the heartache and angst that this reader craves. I got to say it.... I kind of got lost in this one.

The suspense was riveting as the arch villain, Jason Wallace, is back in the game. The drama was intense as the Warrior's and their allies face their most formidable enemy yet. The fight between good and evil came down to a climactic battle, with heroic sacrifices and redemption for some. Come on.... you know I can't say what happens. I just got to say that it was explosive, put a tear in my eye for a while.

This was a great story, where a lot of stuff goes down and things are changing. Secrets are being kept hidden, when they are revealed things don't go so well. Hearts grow cold and people get hurt. Ancient Prophecy is once again revealed as more Druid magic changes the game. The devil is making nefarious deals, and schemes are put into play for the next book in the series. The best part for this reader was the beautiful ending as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Good enough to get your attention, pique your interest? It should. If you love to read paranormal romance, then I promise that you won't be disappointed with this book. I suggest that all paranormal readers should give this exciting and ever changing series a try. It's a must read for this happy reader.

Book Blurb for Midnight's Temptation

Ever since that fateful night, he can’t stop thinking about her. A timeless beauty in a nightclub, she moved across the dance floor like an angel, surrendering to the music—and casting a spell that could only be magic. When Phelan took her in his arms and kissed her, the Highlander knew this was no ordinary woman. This was a Druidess who could fulfill his every desire—or destroy him completely…

She is a mystery—a woman on the run, hunted by two different men. As much as she longs to be captured by the magnificent warrior Phelan, she knows she must resist the temptation. A vengeful evil is stalking her, watching her every move—a madman who will stop at nothing to possess her power. Once, she sold a piece of her soul for magic. Is she willing to risk Phelan’s life, and give up her heart…for love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00