Last Mile

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Last Mile

A Vicious Cycle Novel, #3

Last Mile is the final book in Katie Ashley's outstanding Vicious Cycle trilogy. This has just been a super awesome series, and the author put the reader through another riveting journey with Bishop's book. I loved this story and the unlikely couple so much that I really didn't want to put this one down.

ATF agent Samantha Vargas came to the Hell's Raiders MC on an undercover mission to bring them down. She didn't understand their complicated world and believes all biker clubs are the same brutally violent like the one that took her father away from her when she was only eight years old. She didn't know that the Hell's Raiders were working so hard to get the club legal or how close she would become to Bishop Malloy.

Bishop was the youngest of the three Malloy brothers and the only one left single after Rev and Deacon settled down. He was a bit of a player, but loyal to a fault, and he went his own way. Bishop, more so than his brothers, had a life outside the club and he worked hard at making his dreams come true. He didn't want to be so attracted to Samantha because she belonged to his friend, or so he was led to believe.

It seemed that Bishop and Sam were in an impossible situation and there would never be an HEA. This story had plenty of conflicting emotions, mostly because I hated that Sam was betraying Bishop like she was, but then the situation took a surprising turn as the clubs enemies put an elaborate setup into motion to take the Hell's Raiders down. The question was could Sam help save them and would Bishop get past his bitterness to forgive her once the truth came out.

This was an intense story that puts the reader through a gamut of emotions. The story flew by, and even though I was loving every minute I was hating to get to the end. Last Mile is a fantastic book and the entire series is outstanding. It's a must-read for anyone who loves MC Romance is all I can say.

Book Blurb for Last Mile

Katie Ashley, the New York Times bestselling author of Redemption Road and Vicious Cycle, returns to the dangerous and seductive world of the Hells Raiders motorcycle club….

After her father was murdered in the line of duty, ATF agent Samantha Vargas is determined to take down the scumbags of the drug trade. When her partner takes on a case to infiltrate the Hells Raiders MC, Samantha agrees to go undercover as his old lady but is surprised to find herself drawn to the very man she is investigating.

Benjamin “Bishop” Malloy has worked hard to carve a place for himself both in and out of the MC world. Working days as a mechanic, he spends his nights rebuilding motorcycles with the hope of one day owning his own shop. After taking one of the club’s new hang-arounds under his wing, Bishop is conflicted over his growing attraction for the man’s girlfriend.

Even though she’s determined to bring down the Raiders, Samantha discovers their world isn’t as black-and-white as she thought. And as the stakes grow higher, she’s in danger of losing more than her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50