I Want More

Bikers Rule Book 2

This short biker romance is another great read from Sam Crescent!

I loved this book. Spike really was like a white knight wearing a cut and riding a Harley. For a biker he oozed chivalry and sweetness. He fell for Star from the moment he rescued her from some bullies. When he turned on the charm that girl was a goner. But she wasn't just a good deed to this bad ass biker. She was his salvation. I felt this was one of Sam Crescent's more romantic love stories. As for Star....she was more than just the usual chubby heroine from this author. She had a feisty personality. She gave Spike a hard way to go when he messed up. It took some help from their friends before he charmed his way out of trouble.

This biker romance was sizzling hot and sweet at the same time. I loved the characters, the strong plot and the hot sexiness. I look forward to more books in the Bikers Rule Series.

Book Blurb for I Want More

Spike is known for messing around, constantly taking whatever pussy he wants. He’s loyal to his club, and would never dream of changing who he is. One night after a party, he decides to take to the road, to clear his head. Something is wrong with him. He no longer wants the club pussy, nor does he get off on watching them be fucked.

That one late-night ride changes everything.

Star is used to being bullied by people. Even though she has dropped several dress sizes, they still bully her. Now a very handsome man is protecting her, and it is … surreal. He’s a biker and he’s dangerous, but she can’t resist.

How can it be possible for two strangers to find happiness? Can Spike share his club with her?

Does he even want to? Or will they keep that distance between them forever?






Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.50