Divided Loyalties

Ashwood Falls, #4

Divided Loyalties is the newest book in the Ashwood Falls series by Lia Davis. It was a great story that held me captivated from beginning to end.

Christa Baker is a hunter for Shield, who wants revenge against rogue werewolves for killing most of her family. The pieces of her life are unraveling. She is dedicated to the cause, but something isn't right in the organization. Then things get even more confusing when she is kidnapped by a handsome wolf who wants to claim her as his mate.

Hayden Raines makes his move against the threat to Ashwood Falls Pack. He is shocked at finding his own mate could be in alliance with his enemies. Of course, the naughty wolf takes what he wants, though he struggles with trusting Christa for a while.

They start things as enemies, until Christa learns the truth. They've both got their own baggage, and very real reasons for working together to defeat a common enemy. They stumbled a couple times in their romantic relationship though. Christa was slow to accept Hayden, and he might've wondered how much trust to give. However, the mating dance called to them, and naturally there were some delicious love scenes.

Divided Loyalties was a great book. It had a super good plot, with a few twists here and there. Hayden and Christa were wonderful characters. Davis gave them a good story with lots of feelings. I easily became immersed in the emotions of this tale. The romance was fascinating, with Hayden as a strong alpha male and Christa made an excellent mate for him. She was a hunter, strong willed and tough. This girl didn't let anybody walk over her. The plot had some great suspense, with a lot of things changing up for the series that seems to get better with each book. As usual, Davis had some strong subplots that were taking place within the main story. I also liked catching up with some of my other favorite characters from the previous books.

I enjoyed every thing about this book, and feel that other readers will enjoy it as much as I did. So a great big recommendation for Divided Loyalties and the Ashwood Falls series.

Book Blurb for Divided Loyalties

Trained to hunt rogues and protect the human race from the threat of shifters, Christa Baker is beginning to rethink her career choice. Especially when her niece and nephew--who she's raised on her own--end up in the crossfire. Now she's looking for a way out and disappear off Shield's radar for good. She never thought her out would be a gorgeous wolf who kidnaps her after raiding Shield HQ.

Hayden Raines has always followed the rules. As the Ashwood Fall wolf Marshal, he has to set the example for those working under him. When he sets his sights on the beautiful human hunter things go downhill, fast. Fate has a funny way of turning things inside out--because the woman he kidnaps, the enemy he might need to protect his family from, just happens to be his mate.

Warning: Contains one woman on a path she's not ready for, a man who thought things would be different, and a heated exchange that turns out to be the best thing ever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00