Amanda is an astounding Author. I have read her books for years. She did not disappoint me with “Moonlight.”

I was caught in the first two sentences, I had to know more and the more I did come to know made me cry through the entirety of Part One. Not just a few tears rolling down my cheek but sobs that shook my shoulders. You will need a box of tissues or a tear towel.

Everything within the storyline and plot was unique and original. I say that with the knowledge of reading close to 2000 books and never coming across this type of storyline. The first chapter absolutely sets the story. Amanda has such a clear direction of where she is taking this story. I know I said I loved it and I did, but I HATE to cry to the extent of sobbing. It's that great.

Navarre, born in a caged room, with his mother with him for only twelve years. One day he wakes up and she is gone, never to see her again. Navarre spends the next twelve years totally alone – no one to see him – no one to speak to him, only a guard to bring him two meals a day and allow him one bath a week.

Navarre knew what was going to happen to him in one year. He would die as his father before him, his grandfather before him and his great-grandfather before him and the rest of the men before him. Navarre knew exactly what was going to happen to him and how it was going to happen.

It's utterly amazing how Amanda set the storyline up. In the past I’ve read about werewolves and vampires. In this story I was amazed at how unique each aspect was and how the story built. The characters were so right for their part in the book. I certainly couldn't nor wouldn't have changed a thing about them.

The day of Navarre's 24th year he was brought a virgin mate to conceive a male child to become the new sacrifice in another 25 years. As Navarre would be when his child was born.

As Navarre was taken for sacrifice the Goddess decided not to kill him but to give him the “Dark Gift” of becoming immortal. Skip ahead 2000 years and Navarre is content at this time. But it hasn't always been so. Navarre has found himself drawn to a woman, Annie, and she is drawn to him but he can't risk it. He might hurt her.

This story has pulled on so many of my heart strings but when I was done I couldn't get over how great “Moonlight” was. I left so, so much out, you really want to pick up a copy - you won't regret it. I give this book a 4.0 due to the amount of crying.

Happy Reading

Book Blurb for Moonlight

Long had Navarre dwelt in darkness, yearning to end his cursed solitude. A vampire doomed to eternal night, he had searched through the ages for a woman brave enough to desire him, a lover bold enough to embrace him. And when Navarre at last found her, he swore that together they would savor the joys of undying ecstasy and surrender the dawn.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00