True Mates: The Complete Series

This Complete Series rocks! It gets 5 stars and a Top Pick!

These stories grip your imagination and drag you into an extraordinary paranormal world of shifters. You'll wish they were real. These sexy shifters lives are changed and are made happier by having found their heart desires. Each couple are fortunate to find an HEA with their true mates. Their journeys weren't easy, but were definitely worth it.

Take a chance and read all of their stories. Their compelling stories deserves to be read.

Don't miss out! This complete set of six stories is well thought out. All the stories are captivating, well-paced, and haves realistic settings. I was caught up in the fascinating paranormal tales, romance, action, suspense, and drama. The characters come alive with Olivia Arran's vivid storytelling. Don't forget! Readers are in for steamy scenes and great chemistry between characters.

Olivia Arran writes consistently vivid and believable tales. It was tough to find a favorite because all the stories it captured my attention.

Found, Promised. Taken, Healed, Redeemed and Cherished were previously released as a single story. All are by Olivia Arran and have been put in the "True Mates: The Complete Series".

Book Blurb for True Mates: The Complete Series

Danger. Deception. Friendship. Mating. True love. The Colstone Wolf Pack are in for a fun ride…

All 6 True Mates books in one volume! Save money off the entire series when you buy this bundle!

*It is recommended that you read this series in order. Each book follows a different couple on their search for a happy ever after.*

Found (A Short Prequel)


~Plus a steamy bonus epilogue!~





Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 5.00