Song of Midnight Embers

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Song of Midnight Embers

Maggie's Grove, #4

Fire elemental Mollie Ferguson has been ignoring Greer Berkley, dryad. Mollie and Greer are unbonded mates and miscommunication ruins things. He has reached a point of no return and wants to fade. Mollie doesn't realize that secrets and lies can offer deadly consequences. Will Greer help her? Will Mollie and Greer ever mate?

Who is causing the supernatural’s problems? The supernaturals in Maggie's Grove are in constant danger. They are still recovering from previous attacks. Some attacks have been proven fatal. What will they do to defeat their enemies?

I was pleasantly surprised by the conflicts in the story. There was enough conflicts in the novel to keep my interest. I found it to be a good long read. I wanted to find out what would happen next. The storyline was original. Mollie and Greer have a connection and a hard earned HEA ending.

Song of Midnight Embers (Maggie's Grove Series, Book 4) is a 4 star read by Dana Marie Bell. Read the story and discover new memories.

Book Blurb for Song of Midnight Embers

Fire elemental Mollie Ferguson is on the wrong side of a group of enraged shifter wolves. She's been secretly investigating a plot that could destroy the small-town supernatural haven of Maggie's Grove. But when a beloved pack member is killed, everyone thinks she's the murderer. In desperation, she turns to the one person who will help her—the true mate she rejected. His presence rekindles an old, irresistible desire, and makes her wish she'd chosen differently.

Without Mollie as his lover, the dryad Greer Berkley is dying, the leaves of his birch turning to autumn shades. But he will not allow himself to fade until he has ensured Mollie's safety. All know Greer as a healer, but few know the true depth of his power as a defender.

Greer and Mollie must complete her investigation and clear her name before the pack demands vengeance. And if they are to know each other's touch at last, the only chance is now, before it's too late for Greer.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00